Big Top’s Fabric Structures – What Are the Benefits?

Fabric StructuresBig Top’s fabric structures, also known as “fabric buildings,” are extraordinarily versatile structures. They are available in virtually any size, so they can be used to provide shelter for any area. Plus, they are modular, easy to assemble, and even portable. In fact, our fabric buildings can be disassembled and moved from worksite to worksite, and with the addition of one of our mobility kits, they can even be moved around a single worksite without being disassembled. Compared to metal buildings that cannot be moved or disassembled, Big Top’s fabric structures are a flexible alternative that can be reused at different locations.

In addition to being modular and portable, Big Top’s fabric buildings are long lasting because they’re made with durable materials. For example, the frames are made of industrial-grade galvanized steel, and the fabric is made of flame-retardant, rip-resistant PVC vinyl. Plus, the fabric that we use blocks out 99.95 percent of UV-A and UV-B light, which can help protect both employees and equipment from the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Yet another benefit of Big Top’s fabric structures is that they are custom-made. For example, they can be completely enclosed or have large openings in the front or back. Plus, Big Top can include optional features like HVAC, doors, flooring, lighting, and more. Thanks to the versatile nature of our fabric buildings, they can be used for nearly limitless applications. We have worked with businesses in a variety of industries to build warehouses and storage structures, large-area maintenance shelters, military hangars and sunshades, blast-and-paint shops, and more.

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