Used Fabric Structures for Sale

The materials engineers and construction workers use to design and build fabric structures are minimal, as they require only two components: a metal framework and a tensioned fabric membrane. Not only does this cut down the cost of materials, but their simple construction makes them quick and easy for workers to erect. These factors make temporary fabric structures incredibly cost-effective and affordable options for some jobsites—but not all.

Big Top Manufacturing is dedicated to making fabric structures more affordable and accessible to those who need them. This is why we offer a selection of used fabric structures for sale. Now, whether you need to keep your products in a warehouse or store your machinery and materials, you can do so with a high-quality and affordable temporary fabric structure. At the same time, you can within budget.

We have several different sizes of used fabric structures for sale. Contact our representatives today. We’ll help you figure out which works best for your needs.

For Sale by Big Top:

*Big Top periodically has inventory shelters for sale. No representation is made as to the suitability for your location.


  • 48’wide X 100’long X 12’center height X 5’side wall

Open Ends. Designed to anchor onto containers. Fabric – 18oz PVC vinyl


For sale by clients:

*Big Top makes no representation as to suitability for your location, condition of the structure, or whether fit for purpose. 

Location: Poncha Springs, CO
50’wide x 61.25’long x 22’center height x 14’sidewall. 18” Bi Beam truss on 8.75’center spacing. The fabric color is 18oz translucent white. The building comes with two end walls with a 14×14 opening on each end and one personnel door. 2ea 36” exhaust fans and louvers.

Location: 815 Dix Dam Rd. Harrodsburg, KY

Price: 60,000 – Contact Clay W. if interested at: 803.422-6230, [email protected]

Location: Winterville, NC 28590    

28’x26’ with 16’ center height with one man door and one fold up door on each end.

Location:  Alabama, NY 14013
2ea. 86’ wide x 80’ long x 50’ tall shelters with 36’ side wall. Currently crane rail mounted (does not include rails). Open ended. 36” four-chord frames and 28oz White PVC covers. Built 2021.

32’wide X 45’long X 14’center height X 9’side wall. 22 oz. The structure is open on both ends. PVC Laminated Vinyl Fabric (White in Color) Flame Retardant.

Location: Clearwater, FL
20’wide x 20’long x 12’center height. The structure is enclosed with two end walls and a personnel door on each end. 18oz Flame Retardant PVC Vinyl Fabric (White in color). 


Location: Pembroke Park, FL
16’wide X 40’long x 14’center height – (Single Tube frame) 18oz Flame Retardant PVC Vinyl Fabric. The structure is open on both ends (no end walls)

For more information please contact:
Jim Davis @ David Bus Tours
[email protected] 

Location: Polk County, FL
40’wide x 40’long x 42’center height x 34’side wall – 18oz Flame Retardant PVC Vinyl Fabric. The structure is open on both ends (no end walls)

For more information please contact:
Preston Davis
[email protected] 

Location: Florida
50’wide x 40’long x 42’center height – 18oz Flame Retardant PVC Vinyl Fabric (white in color). The structure is open on both ends. $25,000  OBO

Location: Tierra Verde, FL
13’ Wide X 44’ 6” Long X 7’ 7” Center Height X 4’ Sidewall. 28oz Cover,  Translucent White, Flame Retardant PVC Laminated fabric With Polyester Scrim. The structure is manufactured with a 2.5″ single tube frame and comes with 1 solid end panel. $2,500 OBO. Building 


Location: Carrolton GA
40′ x 80′ x 20′ with open ends. $30K OBO
Contact: James Shipley | 980-565-6836 | [email protected]

24x45x19 – 1 solid end, 1 end with 12×12 fabric door, 1 man door

24x45x22 – 18bb, Open ended

Greg Yelle | Maltby and Company | 781-344-3900 | [email protected]

Location: Bellport, NY
44′ x 28′ x 20′ center height. $19K
18oz White Fabric – *NEW, never opened/used*
Contact: Steve Montick | 631-457-2421

Location: Largo, FL
Heavy duty vinyl roof 45ft total width. Galvanized frame, Heavy duty canvas 4 total.
50ft x 35ft = 10,500
50ft x 38ft = $10,500
60ft x 36ft = $12,500
50×40 = $10,500
Also you can give us a call for more information.
Phone: 727-224-2359 | Email: [email protected]


Location: Chicago Height, IL
Price: $70k
1. The shelter is 54’ X 120’ long
2. 3- 9’x9’ dock doors non insulated
3. 1-12’X12’ rear dock door non insulated
4. 2- man doors (exit)
5. 200-amp service
6. 6-high output bay led lights
7. 3-dock door lights
8. 126- 60lb sand bags
9. Wood burning stove with blower and 3 wall vent pipe

Building to removed from site by the 2nd week of May

Contact: Steve | 479 282 5972




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