For Sale by Big Top:

*Big Top periodically has inventory shelters for sale. No representation is made as to the suitability for your location.


1.)    48’wide X 100’long X 12’center height X 5’side wall

Open Ends. Designed to anchor onto containers. Fabric – 18oz PVC vinyl

For sale by clients:

*Big Top makes no representation as to suitability for your location, condition of the structure, or whether fit for purpose. 

Five (5) shelters, 90’ Wide X 60’ Long X 23’ Center Height X 8’ Side wall – Two (2) sets end panels, 2ea access end wall with 2ea disappearing fabric doors. Each door includes all the necessary winch, cables, tracks, trolleys, and pulleys.

Price – $ 275,000.00

60′ Wide x 60′ Long x 42′ Center Height X 30′ Side Wall, 18OZ PVC Laminated Vinyl Fabric, Flame Retardant, 24″ Heavy Wall, 10′ Spacing, 13 Gauge, 1 Side Access with winch door, 8 Lights, 2 Gas Heaters (400K BTU), 4 x 36″ Vents, 3 Exhaust Fans, Used for about 2.5 years, No issues in Chicago Winters, Currently Disassembled and ready to ship, Summit, IL We have the ability to load.  $59K  OBO.







32’wide X 45’long X 14’center height X 9’side wall. 22 oz. The structure is open on both ends. PVC Laminated Vinyl Fabric (White in Color) Flame Retardant.

20’wide x 45’long x 22’center height x 18’side wall –  18oz Flame Retardant PVC Vinyl Fabric.  The structure is a 3/4 cover and open on both ends. $5,900

60’wide x 70’long x 24’center height x 12’side wall – 22oz Flame Retardant PVC Vinyl Fabric (Tan color). Comes with 2ea. 12′ x 12′ metal doors and 1ea. 12′ x 14′ metal door – Exhaust fan & vents – and personnel door.  Location: Snowmass, Colorado. $40,000






40′ wide x 100’long x 40’center height – Structure is open on both ends.  18oz Flame Retardant PVC Vinyl Fabric (White in color). League City, TX  – $20,000

40’wide x 60’long x 18’center height – Structure is open on both ends. 18oz Flame Retardant PVC Vinyl Fabric (Grey sides – White Top).  White Stone, Virginia – $10,000






88’wide x 100’long x 24’center height x 8’side wall  – 18oz Flame Retardant PVC Vinyl Fabric (Tan Sides – White Translucent Top).  2ea End walls with 14′ x 14′ vinyl door and personnel door.  1ea 36″ x 36″ exhaust fan and 2ea 24″ x 24″ vents. Location: Colorado –  $65,000 OBO.






16’wide X 40’long x 14’center height – (Single Tube frame) 18oz Flame Retardant PVC Vinyl Fabric. The structure is open on both ends (no end walls) and is located in Pembroke Park, FL.

For more information please contact Jim Davis @ David Bus Tours –  954-472-2858  [email protected] 

60’wide X 100’long x 24’center height – 18oz Flame Retardant PVC Vinyl Fabric. The structure has 2 closed end panels with one 14′ x 14′ roll-up door and one man door per end.  Location: Panaca, Nevada. 






If you would like to advertise your Big Top Shelter on our website please contact [email protected] or call us at   1-850-584-7786.


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