Mobile Fabric Structures from Big Top

Accessories, MobilityIf you need a fabric structure that can be easily moved around your property, turn to Big Top. We can include a relocation package in the initial design of your shelter, with key components integrated for mobility. Depending on your needs, our structures can be equipped with any of the following systems:


Your structure can be moved along your footprint using a railing system, allowing heavy equipment to be transported in and out while fabricating, welding, or painting and blasting work is being performed.


With this versatile design, you’ll be able to protect your equipment and employees in different sections of your production, then roll back the structure to reduce your footprint.

Crane Lifting

If you plan to move your structure around your facility to cover different items via crane, then a crane lifting package can be added to the design. Our crane lifting package provides added support, stability, and attach points for you to easily hoist your structure from one location to another.

Disassembly & Shipping

In the event that your fabric shelter needs to be relocated to a different property altogether, it can be conveniently disassembled and stored for shipping, then reassembled and reinstalled at the new location. This flexible design is just one of the many reasons why our products are more versatile and cost effective than permanent buildings.

Custom Designs

Here at Big Top, we pride ourselves on the custom work we put into the design of each one of our fabric structures. Unlike our competitors who may have only a few design options to choose from, we can provide a shelter that meets your exact specifications.

If you have mobility needs for your shelter, contact Big Top today and we’ll be happy to discuss your options in more detail.

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