Customize Your Fabric Structure with Your Choice of Accessories

One of the reasons why businesses seek out Big Top is that our fabric structures can be equipped with a range of options to fit virtually any requirement. Our shelters are used in nearly every industry, including construction, oil and gas, mineral and mining, marine, military, aviation, and waste management, to name a few examples. The range of options that Big Top can include truly makes our shelters some of the most versatile solutions on the market.

When you partner with Big Top, we can equip your fabric structure with:

  • Doors, including hydraulic powered and metal doors, plus accordion fold or freezer vinyl flaps
  • Flooring, ranging from HexaDeck to roadway matting and sports surfaces
  • HVAC systems, complete with ventilation, AC and heating units, and air scrubbing systems
  • Insulation to maximize climate control
  • Lightning protection, which allows you to use your shelter as a muster station during inclement weather
  • A crane rail system for mobile functionality
  • And much more

No matter how you customize your fabric structure from Big Top, you can rely on the protective benefits that they provide. For instance, our translucent fabric has a UPF rating of 2,000 and blocks 99.95 percent of harmful UV-A and UV-B radiation, keeping your staff, materials, and equipment safe. Plus, it will help to maintain a comfortable interior temperature that is 15 degrees cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than the outside climate, which can help you save on energy costs.

Let us know how we can customize a fabric structure for you by contacting us today. When you do, be sure to ask about the potential tax benefits that you can enjoy with a Big Top shelter.

Whether it’s dirt, asphalt,
concrete, wood or even an
ISO shipping container, our
experts work closely with
you to determine which
anchoring method or
mobility solution best fits
your needs.
Anchoring options include:
• 40” spiral anchor
• Concrete anchor
Access points make a big
difference in ease of use, and
maintaining energy efficiency.
Whether it’s glass, aluminum,
or fabric, our door options
provide added insulation
and enable large-scale entry.
Door options include:
• Disappearing Vinyl
• Metal Door
• Personnel
• Hydraulic Powered Door
• Clear Vinyl Freezer Flaps
• Accordion Fold vinyl flap
Electrical Panels for Fabric Shelters ELECTRICAL
Our structures are designed
to provide natural light flow
during the day. We work with
you to determine your
lighting needs and provide
design, manufacturing and
delivery of all components.
Electrical options include:
• Metal-halide Lights
• Fluorescent Lights
• Flood Lights
Wind and Snow loading are
important factors when it
comes to your fabric
structure. If required, we
can provide engineered
stamped drawings for all
50 States and Internationally
If you are not installing on
a concrete slab or other
fixed system we have
many flooring options to
choose from.
Flooring options include:
• Hexadeck
• Event Deck
• Turf/carpet
• Sports flooring
Fabric gutters are available
for adjoining structures.
Aluminum terminations bars
prevent flapping in highly
windy areas and give a more
finished look. Also prevents
groundwater intrusion.
Proper heating, air
conditioning and ventilation
are critical to both a shelter’s
contents and the safety of its
workers. Big Top offers many
conditioning choices.
• Air remediation
• Air scrubbing systems
• Vent options
• Dehumidification
• Big Ass Fans
• 10 ton Carrier
• Wall mounted AC units
• Flex Duct
• Duct socks
• Radiant Tube
• Radiant – Electric
• Forced Air
• Astro Foil
• Insulation Liners
• Batt Insulation – R30
• 400 W Metal Halide
• LED lighting
• Fluorescent lighting
• Flood Lights
• Obstruction lighting
• Wall pack
• Exit
• Exit with battery Back up
• Incandescent
• Exterior Lighting
We offer various of levels
of protection to help meet
your budget.
• Preventor 2005A
• UL Rated Air Terminal System (Big Top exclusive)
• Standard Air Terminal System (Big Top exclusive)
• Grounding Kit
A mobile structure gives you
the ability to choose different
sites, lessen environmental
impact and cut costs. Our
new structures can be built to
be crane lift-able, and we
also offer a retro fit kit for
structures 2012 and newer.
Wheeled mobility options
also available.
• 100 & 70 lb crane rail
• Manual and pneumatic jacks
• V-grooved wheels (roll on inverted angle)
• Casters (mounted to directly to structure)
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