Big Top’s Fabric Structures Are Installed Quickly and Easily

Big Top’s fabric structures have myriad uses for companies in just about every industry. In fact, our shelters are regularly used as warehouses, blast and paint facilities, flight line sunshades and hangars, lunchrooms and safety meeting facilities, equipment storage, and more. That’s because the versatility of their design makes them much more convenient and cost effective than permanent buildings.

One way that our fabric structures are more convenient and cost effective is the ease of their installation, which requires no formalized training to perform. We provide onsite support and service to help you with the installation. Additionally, if your shelter is complex or large, or if you just want the security that comes with knowing an experienced professional performed the installation, we can take care of the whole process, the basic steps of which are as follows:

  • Surveying your site to go over the project’s scope
  • Erecting the tubular steel trusses
  • Overlaying and tensioning the fabric across the steel frame
  • Anchoring the structure to the foundation

And, when it comes to the foundation, our fabric structures do not require a concrete pad. In fact, they can be anchored to dirt, gravel, asphalt, shipping containers, ecology blocks, and other materials. No matter which type of foundation is most convenient to you, we’ll ensure your shelter is firmly rooted for the safety of your staff.

When you choose Big Top, we can design one of our fabric structures with any number of accessories to meet the needs of your organization. For example, we can outfit your shelter with lighting and doors, insulation and an HVAC system, exhaust fans and louvers, and much more. We’ll take into account your choice of add-ons in the design to ensure installation is as easy as possible.

For more information about the installation process of our fabric structures, contact Big Top today.

An animation of our installation at Chicago’s Millennium Park for the Kapoor Art Exhibit Construction Shelter.

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