Custom Fabric Structures

Fabric Structures Custom ApplicationsOne of the primary reasons why Big Top’s custom fabric structures have been so popular since our founding in 1979 is the versatility they provide. Our structures are regularly used as warehouses, lunchrooms, fabrication and equipment maintenance facilities, and hangars for aircraft. And if you have a unique need for a shelter, we can engineer a perfect solution.

We’ve built custom fabric buildings for sporting events, festivals, concerts, museum exhibits, and school functions to name just some examples. Plus, we’ve designed our shelters in numerous custom ways for commercial industries, such as telescopic designs and crane lifting packages for specialized projects. In fact, for one of our clients, we’ve even mounted one of our structures to a beam 60 feet in the air, complete with a telescopic pulley system. The versatile options of our shelters are practically endless because they can be:

  • Built to virtually any size, no matter how large or small of a space you require
  • Anchored to just about any foundation, including asphalt, shipping containers, and permanent buildings
  • Designed with numerous accessories, such as insulation, air conditioning and heating, flooring, doors, and more

Additionally, the translucent fabric in our custom fabric structures allows in ample sunlight to light up your space, reducing your energy usage. At the same time, it blocks 99.95 percent of harmful UV-A and UV-B radiation, ensuring protection for your guests and equipment. It also helps to maintain a comfortable interior temperature that is an average of 15 degrees cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than the temperature outside. And, because the fabric is rip resistant and secured to an industrial-strength steel frame, our custom commercial tents will stand strong against many types of inclement weather.

So, what do your require in a shelter? We’d love for a chance to custom-build one of our fabric structures to meet your exact needs. Contact Big Top today to learn more.