Fabric Structures for Medical Tents

Rapid-Deploy Medical TentsLocal municipalities and health care companies that have an immediate need for temporary medical facilities can count on Big Top’s rapid-deploy tents. Our portable buildings can be erected in less than a day, and they can be anchored directly to asphalt. We have standard designs available, or we can customize a structure to meet your exact specifications.

Big Top’s rapid-deploy tents can be used for:

Our portable medical tents have a translucent fabric roof that will allow sunlight to fully illuminate the interior without the need for artificial lighting. They can also be equipped with doors, flooring, insulation, and other accessories.

Protection for Medical Staff & Patients

In any critical, emergency, or disaster relief situation, the last thing staff and patients need is to worry about the weather. Another benefit of the fabric roof is that it repels 99.95% of UV-A and UV-B radiation, protecting medical personnel and patients alike from sun exposure. This also helps to keep the interior 15 degrees cooler or warmer (depending on the season) than the outside temperature, maintaining a comfortable environment for patients in quarantine and medical staff working long shifts. Through rain or snow and wind or shine, these are temporary medical facilities that you can rely on.

Portability to Meet Changing Needs

No matter where you need your tent, what the conditions are, or how long you need it for, Big Top Manufacturing’s fabric structures for medical tents are built to last. Our shelters can remain up and operational for as long as needed thanks to the industrial-grade, galvanized steel frame. When the emergency situation has run its course, the fabric buildings can be disassembled and stored for future use, or they can be shipped to another location to be repurposed for other needs.

Big Top’s rapid-deploy fabric structures are available for immediate delivery. Contact us today.

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