Fabric Structures for Recycling and Other Waste Management Industries

Fabric Structures for RecyclingFabric structures from Big Top are more versatile and cost effective than permanent buildings, making them great options for recycling and waste management companies. Our shelters can be designed to just about any size and can be conveniently anchored to various foundations, such as asphalt and shipping containers.

The unique fabric in our structures is translucent and will allow in ample sunlight to light up your operations without the need for artificial lighting, which can help you save on energy usage. Plus, our fabric has a UPF rating of 2,000 and a conventional rating of 50 plus, keeping your staff and equipment safe from sun exposure. Some other reasons why our shelters are great for waste management include:

  • Storm protection – Open-air facilities are dependent upon calm weather for smooth operations. For instance, cardboard and other recyclable products can lose their value if they become wet or damaged, and compost production can quickly halt if a storm rolls through. Our fabric structures are rip-resistant and are supported by an industrial strength steel frame that can withstand anything Mother Nature throws at them, ensuring that your operations can continue despite the weather.
  • Spacious interiors – Our shelters are clear span, meaning there are no interior support columns or guy wires. As such, you’ll have plenty of space for your staff, equipment, and materials. Additionally, our shelters can be expanded to accommodate the growth of your production.
  • Customizable options – Our shelters can be equipped with numerous add-ons to meet your exact specifications. Options include but are not limited to HVAC systems, doors, and lightning protection.

Fabric Structures for Waste ManagementBig Top’s fabric structures are naturally well-ventilated to minimize odors and are NFPA701 flame retardant. Furthermore, they can be engineered for heavy snow and wind loads if the area where your facility is located experiences extreme weather. And, because they can be deemed as equipment with the IRS, our shelters may provide you with tax benefits.

For more information about how our fabric structures are used in the recycling and waste management industries, contact Big Top today.