Fabric Structures are Ideal for Recycling Operations

Fabric Structures for Recycling

One of the primary pain points that companies in the recycling industry face is inclement weather. Traditionally, waste management operations are conducted in open-air facilities, which leaves them vulnerable to the whims of Mother Nature. For instance, cardboard and other recyclable products can lose their value if they become wet or damaged in a sudden downpour. Similarly, compost production can grind to a halt when a storm rolls through. If you’re in the waste management industry and have had your open-air operations shut down due to the weather, turn to Big Top for a solution.

One of our tension fabric structures will provide shelter for your production, supported by a galvanized steel frame, so that it can continue no matter what is happening with the weather outside. If you’re located in an area that experiences frequent snowstorms, we can engineer a shelter for heavy wind and snow loads, further protecting your materials, equipment, and crew from the elements. Other features of Big Top’s fabric structures that can benefit your company include:

  • A translucent roof that reduces the need for artificial lighting during the day and blocks 99.95 percent of harmful UV-A and UV-B radiation
  • Natural ventilation that minimizes odors
  • Spacious interiors that are free of support columns and guy wires
  • Flexible designs that can be virtually any size

Fabric Structures for Waste Management

Additionally, our fabric buildings are NFPA701 flame-retardant and can be registered as equipment with the IRS, which may lead to tax advantages. They are also mobile and can be relocated around your property intact with a crane.

To learn more about our fabric structures and how we can custom-build one to meet the needs of your recycling facility, contact Big Top today.