Insulation for Climate-Controlled Fabric Structures

Accessories, InsulationOne of the options Big Top can include with your fabric structure is insulation. Though the fabric we use is designed to help our structures maintain an interior temperature that is an average of 15 degrees cooler or warmer than the outside temperature, depending on the season, having additional insulation installed will give you more control over the climate inside your shelter.

Big Top can install the following types of installation:

  • Astro foil
  • Insulation liners
  • Batt insulation – R30

If you need full control over the climate inside your structure, we can also install an HVAC system complete with air conditioners, heaters, fans, and ventilation. Our insulated fabric structures are often used as warehouses for storing climate-sensitive materials, lunchrooms and safety meeting facilities, and shelters for production lines and fabrication.

Big Top – A Leader in the Industry

Big Top has been building fabric structures for nearly every industry since our founding in 1979. One of the key reasons our products are sought out is because we custom build each one according to the needs of our customers, rather than simply offering a one-size-fits-all shelter. In addition to being available in virtually any size you need, our shelters can be outfitted with many different accessories, insulation being just one option.

How can we design a fabric structure for your business? We’d love to hear from you. Contact Big Top today and let’s get started.

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