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Fabric Structures, Engineering

Big Top’s structures can be engineered for wind and snow loads for your location. If you require or your projects calls for engineering, our structures can be designed to meet local codes. Electronic and hard copy engineered drawings will be provided to you so that your building meets all requirements.

Fabric tensile structures from Big Top are engineered to offer superior protection for your staff, materials, and equipment. Our rip-resistant fabric is secured to a heavy-duty steel frame, which is not only resistant to rust, but also virtually maintenance free. Plus, our fabric blocks up to 99.95 percent of UV-A and UV-B radiation, for an impressive UPF rating of 2,000 and a conventional rating of 50 plus. It is also NFPA701 flame retardant as required by the International Building Code.

Optional Engineering for Volatile Weather

We can equip one of our shelters with lightning protection, which will allow you to use the shelter as a muster station for your staff to safely congregate when a thunderstorm rolls through. Big Top is able to provide engineered stamped drawings for all 50 states, complying with the International Building Code (IBC).

Excellent Engineering and Custom Designs

In addition to the superior engineering with which our fabric structures are constructed, they can feature any manner of customization that you may need. For instance, we can install doors, flooring, lighting, insulation, and even an HVAC system. It’s this versatility that has made the Big Top name so popular with companies all over the world that require a space for equipment maintenance, mineral processing, waste management, sports events, hangars for aircraft, and many other uses.

Learn more about how our fabric structures are engineered by contacting Big Top today.

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