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Parks and recreation departments across the country often have needs for enclosed shelters for sports, special events, equipment storage and vehicle maintenance. However, government authorities find it difficult to budget the money required for permanent structures. To get around this problem, many park divisions are purchasing tensioned fabric structures, such as those available from Big Top Manufacturing. These buildings are cost controlled, durable and versatile, and they can be used for anything from equipment storage to indoor recreation areas for only a few people or for hundreds.

Sports Fabric Enclosures

The modular, fabric structures from Big Top make the perfect sports enclosures for soccer, tennis, football and even swimming. These enclosures are supported by galvanized steel frames that require no maintenance, and they can be built upon dirt foundations when concrete or asphalt is not available or is too expensive. Once a structure is erected, it can be used regularly for up to 20 years without replacing the PVC fabric. In addition, these buildings support full HVAC and climate-control systems so that even large crowds of spectators will be comfortable inside through any weather conditions.

Fabric Structures as Playground Canopies

Big Top has canopy structures available that can protect children from the hot sun or the rain while still providing fresh air and an open view of the entire park. These tented buildings can be built over 70 feet high and 165 feet wide, which provides more than enough room for even the largest playground equipment.

Special Event Pavilions and Fabric Buildings

While many special events can be held outdoors, it is always a shame when they are spoiled by wind, rain or snow. Big Top event pavilions are strong enough to remain standing in winds of up to 120 mph, and the roof can support 40 pounds of snow per square inch. The standard PVC fabric used for these structures is translucent, which means that electrical lighting does not have to be used during the day. When the event is finished, the structure can be left standing or it can be disassembled and stored until needed again.

Fabric Structures for Equipment Storage

Big Top fabric enclosures can also be used as storage facilities for maintenance equipment or as garages for park vehicles. Several styles of doors are available, including personnel doors and bay doors that are large enough for big trucks to enter and exit. Vehicles can be parked on both sides of the building, or one side can be used to perform vehicle and equipment maintenance.


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