Custom Applications


Fabric Structures for Custom Applications

Because Big Top’s fabric structures are so customized, they can accommodate a range of applications, regardless of scope or size. For decades, we’ve worked with the military and marine sectors to meet their vast, diverse fabric shelter needs, but we’ve also worked with smaller operations, farmers, government agencies and individuals to create secure, tailored and event-appropriate spaces.

Types of Custom Fabric Shelters

Our design is a step-by-step process that’s proven successful in creating the most adaptable and dependable fabric structures in the industry. Some of the types of custom applications we do include:

  • Supplementary fabric shelters for large events such as sports tournaments, festivals and museum exhibits
  • Clear span shelters for wide open spaces with easily retractable walls
  • Quonset style fabric shelters ideal for wintery areas because the domed shape encourages snow roll off
  • Tent like fabric structures to secure sensitive materials, such as film and other items that need to be truly environmentally controlled
  • Custom applications to create walkways, entryways and breezeways
  • Illuminated and insulated heated shelters used as weather protection units in different industries
  • Oversize hangar-style shelters to house more enormous items, such as blimps and airships
  • Custom applications using shipping containers as walls help keep costs low and mobility at the forefront

These are just a few examples of the types of custom fabric shelters Big Top specializes in, as well as the industries with which we work. If you have a particular challenge and can’t find a fabric building solution in our inventory to meet your needs, give us a call and we can help explore your best options.