Fabric Structures for Sandblasting & Paint Applications on Construction Sites

Big Top’s fabric structures are ideal for sandblasting and painting because they provide proper containment for all blasting, including Black Beauty abrasives, as required by the Environmental Protection Agency. No other type of sandblasting and painting containment building can be installed and ready to use faster than one of our structures, which can be erected in mere hours.

Additionally, your crew will work safely and comfortably in one of our fabric structures because the fabric is designed to block 99.95 percent of UV-A and UV-B radiation. As a result, the interior climate of our shelters is on average 15 degrees cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than the outside temperature. Plus, our fabric is NFPA-701 fire-retardant, which means it will self-extinguish in three seconds. To ensure that your crew has everything it needs to operate sandblasting and painting equipment safely and comfortably, we can engineer our fabric structures with:

  • HVAC and ventilation systems to maintain a controlled temperature and to ensure that fumes and other potentially dangerous airborne substances are efficiently removed
  • Oversized doors to provide convenient accessibility for large equipment and materials
  • An electrical system for artificial lighting so that work can continue past sundown

Plus, the translucent fabric in our structures allows in enough sunlight to fully illuminate the workspace, saving on energy costs, and the industrial-grade steel frame is strong enough to withstand heavy wind and snow loads so your crew can work even during inclement weather.

Make sure your crew members are safe and comfortable as they perform sandblasting and painting duties by providing them with a shelter from Big Top. Construction sites all over the country have benefitted from our fabric structures, and yours can, too. Contact Big Top today for more information.