Why Marine Companies Use Fabric Structures

Why Marine Companies Use Fabric StructuresWhen compared to traditional brick-and-mortar buildings, Big Top’s fabric structures offer strategic advantages. Companies that serve the marine industry in particular find our shelters to be the optimal choice for their operations. In addition to being a cost-effective alternative to a permanent building, a Big Top fabric structure can:

Anchor to Shipping Containers

Permanent buildings need a concrete slab as a foundation, but our shelters can be anchored to just about anything. One such example is a stack of shipping containers, which marine companies find convenient. Using your empty shipping containers to support your building will not only add height to accommodate your equipment and materials, but will also expand your square footage because you can use the containers themselves as warehouses, offices, blasting and painting facilities, or another space that is vital to your operations.

Include Accessories to Meet Your Business Needs

Our shelters are customizable not just by size but also by adding any number of features to meet your needs. Some examples include:

Air Remediation & Containment for Blasting & Painting

Blasting and painting are integral jobs for marine companies, but in order for these operations to be carried out safely, the proper features must be included with the design. We can install fans, ventilation, and an air-scrubbing system to remove hazardous fumes and airborne particles, as well as EPA-approved containment for blasting materials, including Black Beauty abrasives.

Telescopic Maneuverability for Easy Crane Access

Big Top can include rails in the design that will allow the fabric cover to roll open and closed. This unique feature makes it easy to bring in and lift out materials with a crane.

Doors & Flooring for Boat Storage

If you need a warehouse for storing boats, we can equip a fabric structure with large bay doors, personnel doors, and durable flooring that is strong enough to withstand the weight of heavy equipment.

Protect Your Equipment, Materials & Staff From the Elements

The hallmark feature of Big Top’s maritime structures is the fabric roof, which is formulated to repel 99.95 percent of harmful UV-A and UV-B radiation, protecting your materials, maximizing the lifespan of the electronics and paint jobs of marine vehicles, and keeping your staff comfortable throughout the workday. In fact, the roof helps your structure maintain a pleasant interior temperature that is on average 15 degrees cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than the outside temperature, without assistance from an HVAC system, which can save on energy costs (though HVAC systems are certainly an option we can provide if needed).

Save on Energy Costs

Another way our fabric shelters can save on energy costs is by minimizing or eliminating the need for artificial lighting. The translucent fabric roof will allow plenty of natural light to flood the interior, fully illuminating the work area for your staff. The added benefit of the translucent roof is that it will reduce moisture and prevent bacteria growth.

Provide a Range of Uses for Marine Companies

Why Marine Companies Use Fabric StructuresThanks to the versatility of Big Top’s fabric structures, companies serving the marine industry regularly use them as dry dock and graving dock covers, cargo enclosures, shipyard support structures, barge and marine enclosures, boat storage facilities, sandblasting and painting rooms, warehouses, and:

Shipbuilding & Ship Repair

Our structures are ideal for shipbuilding, where modules of ships are fabricated and welded together, and for ship repair, where sandblasting and welding are used to repair vessels. Thanks to the superior UV protection of our shelters, these processes can be conducted uninterrupted by rain or heat, allowing projects to be completed on time and under budget so shipyards can be profitable. Plus, the thermal-reflective roof of our buildings ensures that both the exterior and interior of ships, as well as all onboard electronics, are safely protected for long-term storage.

To learn how we can design a fabric shelter to meet the needs of your marine business, contact Big Top today.

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