What’s the Best Building for Sandblasting?

Best Building for SandblastingSandblasting plays a vital role in manufacturing and equipment maintenance. Scouring rust, old paint, and other materials from the surface of vehicles such as aircraft and boats, as well as industrial equipment, is a necessary way of prepping the surface for a new coat of paint. However, to ensure safe sandblasting operations, the proper facility must be designed, and one option that businesses have is a fabric structure from Big Top.

Designing a Safe Sandblasting Facility for Your Operations

The first thing to consider when designing your fabric sandblasting room is what size it needs to be to accommodate the materials you work with. Thankfully, Big Top can accommodate nearly any size you need. Our fabric buildings can span up to 174 feet in width, 80 feet in height, and nearly any length.

Proper Ventilation

To protect your technicians while they sandblast, your facility will need adequate ventilation. Big Top can install fans, HVAC systems, and vents. Additionally, we can equip your sandblasting room with an air scrubbing system to ensure the air is free from hazardous fumes and airborne debris.

EPA-Approved Containment

Another key aspect required by a sandblasting facility is proper containment for sandblasting materials, such as Black Beauty abrasives. Big Top can provide this, ensuring your sandblasting room is compliant with the Environmental Protection Agency.

Other Reasons Why Our Fabric Buildings Are the Optimal Choice for Sandblasting

A sandblasting facility from Big Top will feature a thermal-reflective roof that will repel UV-A and UV-B radiation. This will help protect your staff, materials, and equipment from the negative effects of prolonged sun exposure. The fabric roof will also keep your personnel comfortable throughout the workday as it will help your structure maintain a pleasant interior temperature that is on average 15 degrees cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Furthermore, the fabric roof of our shelters is NFPA701 flame retardant, further ensuring the safety of your employees.

Fast & Versatile Installations

Best Building for SandblastingA fabric sandblasting building from Big Top costs far less than a permanent building and can be built in a fraction of the time. In fact, our shelters can be installed at a rate of 2,500 square feet per day, and they do not require a specialized contractor. Indeed, we can provide the proper installation training for your crew, or we can provide a turnkey installation service to save you the hassle.

Furthermore, we can build your sandblasting facility virtually anywhere. That’s because our structures do not require a concrete foundation and can be anchored to nearly anything, from dirt and gravel to asphalt and ecology blocks. This makes them the perfect option for when you need a sandblasting building out in the field.

Energy Savings

The fabric roof of your new sandblasting facility from Big Top is translucent and will therefore flood the interior with natural light, minimizing or eliminating altogether the need for artificial lighting. This can go a long way toward energy savings.


Because our buildings are not permanent, they can be moved around your base of operations intact using a crane. Additionally, they can be disassembled and shipped to another location should your business needs require your production to relocate.

To speak with one of our designers about creating a safe and reliable sandblasting facility for your company, contact the professionals at Big Top today.

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