What Is a Translucent Roof & What Benefits Does it Provide for Our Temporary Buildings?

What Is a Translucent Roof?The hallmark feature of a Big Top structure is the roof, which is translucent, meaning it allows natural sunlight to flow through. This provides the excellent benefit of the interior of the building being illuminated naturally, supplying ample light for your production, warehousing, and other operational needs. In fact, our translucent roof provides enough light on its own that you won’t need to use an artificial lighting source, saving you the cost of having such a system installed and the energy costs of running it.

While this is certainly one of the key benefits that makes Big Top’s fabric structures so popular across myriad industries, it is only the beginning of what our roof can do. Our fabric roofs are also:


Big Top’s fabric roofs repel up to 99.95 percent of harmful UV-A and UV-B radiation, which goes a long way toward protecting your environmentally sensitive materials, the electronics of your equipment, and the paint jobs of your vehicles. Additionally, your staff will be protected from sun exposure and feel much more comfortable than if they were working outside. That’s because the thermal-reflective technology of our roofs helps to naturally keep the interior of the structure at a pleasant temperature that is 15 degrees cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, on average, than the outside temperature. For this reason, many of our customers have been able to improve production by moving their staff out from the elements and under the protective roof of a Big Top fabric shelter.

Made to Stand the Test of Time

Big Top’s translucent roofs are rip resistant and secured to an industrial-grade steel frame. With proper upkeep, your fabric structure will remain functional year after year while holding strong against the elements. And, the roof is NFPA701 flame retardant for peace of mind.

Other Benefits That Our Fabric Shelters Provide

The fabric roof of our shelters is the hallmark feature, but the structure as a whole can provide a wealth of benefits for your operations, no matter which industry you serve. For instance, a Big Top fabric structure can be:

  • Anchored to nearly any foundation, including asphalt, shipping containers, and ecology blocks, making them a versatile choice for operations in the field
  • Engineered to meet local building codes, such as for heavy snow and wind loads
  • Outfitted with any number of accessories, including HVAC systems, durable flooring, bay doors, lightning protection, and more
  • Designed to operate telescopically for crane access with an automated rail system

Additionally, a fabric shelter from Big Top can be moved around your property with a crane, and it can be disassembled and shipped to another location should your operations relocate. With this level of versatility, not to mention the cost savings, it’s easy to see why businesses across myriad industries prefer our shelters over traditional, permanent buildings.

To speak more in depth about the benefits that one of our fabric buildings can provide for your company, contact Big Top today. When you do, we’ll be happy to design the perfect solution for your operational needs.

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