How a Fabric Structure Can Be Customized for Warehousing Needs

What Are the Functions of WarehousingA warehouse provides a convenient space to store materials and equipment, and companies in nearly every industry require one for their operations. Traditionally, when a business starts up or moves into a new space, it would have to lease a building that already has a warehouse built in, or they’d need to hire a construction crew to build one. When you consider the labor and materials involved with building a new warehouse, it’s easy to see how the expenses can accumulate. Thankfully, Big Top has a more versatile and cost-effective solution: a fabric warehouse.

A Better Alternative to a Permanent Brick-and-Mortar Warehouse

There are numerous ways you can benefit from a fabric warehouse from Big Top compared to a traditional building. The first is a simple manner of expense – our shelters cost less and take less time to build than a permanent building. In fact, our buildings can be constructed at a rate of 2,500 square feet per day. Second, because our structures can be anchored to nearly any type of foundation, not just concrete, they can be constructed virtually anywhere, making them a perfect option for field-based operations. Other great benefits include:

Natural Climate Control

Oftentimes, warehouses are used to store environmentally sensitive materials and equipment. Take, for instance, the construction industry: Equipment and materials that are left exposed to the elements can cause cracking and a loss of elasticity in plastics and rubbers and can result in costly or irreparable damage. By having proper storage, you will ensure that your equipment and materials are protected and ready to go at all times. For the aviation industry, an aircraft’s electronics can quickly deteriorate if not provided proper shelter from the sun. Big Top’s structures address these issues with our hallmark feature: the fabric roof.

The roof of our shelters is NFPA701 flame retardant and formulated to repel 99.95 percent of harmful UV-A and UV-B radiation, providing ample protection for your materials and helping improve the lifespan of your equipment’s electronics. This natural climate control helps maintain an interior temperature that is on average 15 degrees cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than the outside temperature, not only insulating your production from the elements but also ensuring your staff is comfortable throughout the workday. If the materials you work with are especially sensitive, we can equip your fabric warehouse with an HVAC system, dehumidification, and exhaust fans and vents.

A Vast Interior Space

Fabric Warehouse FunctionalityA fabric warehouse from Big Top can be designed to match your desired wall height for storage racking. In fact, our shelters can be virtually any size, and with no internal columns or guy wires, you’ll be able to use the entirety of the interior for storing your equipment and materials.

Energy Savings

The fabric roof of a Big Top warehouse is translucent and will provide plenty of natural light to illuminate the interior without the need for artificial lighting, which can go a long way to reducing energy costs. However, if your production runs into the evening or around the clock, your fabric warehouse can be equipped with LED lighting systems.

Other Ways We Can Customize a Shelter for Your Warehousing Needs

We have numerous accessories available to meet your specific needs. Two of the most popular that are used for warehousing include ventilation systems and doors.

  • Ventilation systems – Maintaining indoor air quality is a primary concern for all types of warehouse facilities. Along with our industrial HVAC systems, Big Top can provide exhaust fans and vents that help combat warehouse air pollutants and excessive levels of heat.
  • Doors – We can install personnel doors for your staff, as well as large bay doors to accommodate industrial equipment, forklifts, and trucks for shipping and receiving.

To experience for yourself why our fabric shelters are perfect for warehousing, contact Big Top today. When you do, be sure to ask how we can design your warehouse to be mobile, in the event that your operations need to relocate.

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