The Main Components of Industrial Fabric Structures

Despite their relatively simple layout, a lot of thought, engineering, and science goes into designing and erecting a fabric structure. They must be able to meet many different requirements and standards to suit the needs of different applications and industries. To delve more into the basics of these buildings, let’s take a look at the main components of industrial fabric structures.

Metal Framework

Every building needs a solid framework to start out with, and temporary buildings require a sturdy metal framework that can stand up to the environment and the test of time. Typically, these frames can be made with either aluminum or steel. Here at Big Top Manufacturing, we’ve found that steel is the most durable and won’t scratch, dent, or bend as easily as aluminum. Our steel framework is also galvanized, making it rust-resistant and much easier to maintain so that it can be used in a variety of applications and climates.

Tensioned Fabric Membrane

The most iconic and identifiable feature of an industrial fabric building is, of course, the fabric. However, this fabric isn’t your average clothing or tent fabric. This is the essential part of the structure that protects your jobsite, equipment, and crew. In particular, our fabric is made of PVC vinyl instead of polyethylene. It’s rip-resistant, much easier to repair, and flame retardant, and it can be re-deployed. They’re also designed to block over 99 percent of UV light and can hold an impressive amount of live and dead loads.

Foundation Type

The last main component of an industrial fabric structure is its foundation. Fabric structures can be anchored to a variety of foundations and come with an array of foundation options. Our fabric structures can be anchored to dirt, asphalt, concrete, wood pilings, and ballast block foundations. In addition, your structure can be mounted to shipping containers for extra storage or attached to ecology blocks and pony walls for extra height atop your foundation.

Now that you know a little bit more about the basics of industrial fabric structures, let us know if you have any more questions! Here at Big Top Manufacturing, we specialize in crafting custom fabric buildings to suit a wide variety of needs and applications. Let us find and build your perfect industrial building solution!

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