The Differences Between Steel Buildings and Fabric Buildings

Fabric and steel buildings can be found in various industries and can be used as mess halls, storage units, and maintenance facilities. This brings up a few questions. If the two building types have so many similar uses, what separates them, and which one is more suitable for certain projects? To help you find the right solution for your purposes, let’s take a look at the differences between steel and fabric buildings.

Ease of Maintenance

Steel buildings have quite a lot of nooks and crannies that need special attention. If left uninspected, condensation, rain, humidity, and any other form of moisture can lead to rust, even with galvanized steel. Fabric buildings use much less metal, making issues easier to spot and easier to reedy. Additionally, tears are much easier to spot in fabric.

Pricing Variations

Building materials are only getting more expensive, and steel is no exception. A steel building undoubtedly costs more than a fabric building, especially if you want to have it customized. Fabric buildings require less manpower and less expensive building materials to erect, saving you more on costs and allowing more room in your budget to customize your structure.

Construction Time

Smaller fabric structures can take a matter of hours to erect, and larger structures can be completed in only a few days. However, even a small steel building takes a few days to complete. A 40×60 steel garage will take roughly two to three days to erect. So, even if you need a larger space in a pinch, you’re going to have to wait about a week for the building to be completed.

Energy Efficiency

Steel buildings are essentially metal boxes, which means they don’t provide natural sunlight, and they get hot fast. Even without added customizations, fabric buildings can provide you with natural light that floods the entire space. Additionally, natural airflow is easier to achieve in a fabric building, allowing you to take advantage of cooler days. When you don’t have to spend extra on cooling systems and lighting, you save overall on your site’s energy bill.

Now that you know the differences between steel and fabric buildings, you can better determine which one is right for your project. If you have any questions or want to know more about fabric structures, contact Big Top Manufacturing today. We can help design and erect a permanent tent structure customized to suit your specific needs.

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