The Best Ways To Prevent Corrosion on a Job Site

Whether you’re working indoors or outdoors, rain and snow can damage materials and cause corrosion. Not only can this be incredibly frustrating, but it can quickly become expensive if you have to replace tools and materials. To help you save time and money, this article will review the best ways to prevent corrosion on a job site.

Store Sensitive Metals and Materials

You need to appropriately store materials and tools that don’t have protective coatings. Most of the time, they’ll come with manuals that tell you how to store them. It’s incredibly important to stick to them. Proper storage is usually easy, and most of the time, all you need is water repellent tarp or an airtight container. Overall, you should put everything away properly when no one is working at the job site, especially when temperatures tend to drop at night or fluctuate throughout the day.

Make Sure the Site Is Properly Ventilated

Even if your job site is outside, moist, stagnant air is a problem. It can settle into porous materials over time, causing corrosion. And if the temperature gets too low, it can freeze and expand. Air flow is critical, and that may mean bringing fans to the job site if there’s no airflow. If you’re working indoors, the HVAC system should be working properly to provide adequate airflow. Often, simply opening the windows isn’t enough.

Consistent Clean-Up Is a Must

You should dry off, consistently clean spills, and dry off tools and materials that get wet. It’s the repeated exposure to water that causes issues with decay and corrosion. Leaving water or spills to sit is hazardous and can be a serious detriment to your materials.

Apply Protective Coatings

If you have the option and the resources to do so, there are various coatings that you can apply to metals, tools, and other objects to prevent corrosion. You can easily apply paint and corrosion inhibitors to slow down the decay of the material. Additionally, you can add sacrificial coatings that act as barriers that protect the material itself.

The best way to prevent corrosion on a job site is to be attentive, stick to regulations, and store your materials. And if you’re looking for a place to store your materials and keep your job site protected, Big Top Manufacturing can help design and construct a tension fabric structure to suit your needs. We can customize your fabric structure to be weather resistant and temperature controlled with an HVAC system. This way, you’ll never have to worry about corrosion again.

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