Custom Tent Structures Manufactured by Big Top Fabric Structures

Tent StructuresBig Top’s tent structures are fast becoming an alternative to permanent buildings because, quite simply, they’re less costly and can be built in less time. Without the need for a concrete footer, our structures can be quickly and easily erected on nearly any foundation. Moreover, our tent structures aren’t limited to permanence as traditional buildings are. We offer mobility tools like crane lifting packages and jacks and wheels to make it easy to move your structure around a worksite as a whole, and they can also be completely disassembled and reassembled as needed.

At Big Top, we strive not only to make our fabric structures as practical as possible, but also as customizable as possible, too. We can integrate any number of extra features into your tent structure as you see fit, including HVAC systems, flooring, lighting, doors, and insulation. Because our tent structures are so adaptable, they’re useful for a variety of applications. For example, some of what we’ve built in the past includes:

  • Lunchrooms for construction and military personnel
  • Hangars for military and private aircraft
  • Dry dock covers for the marine industry
  • And more

In addition to being practical and adaptable, our structures are exceptionally durable. Supported by galvanized steel frames and covered with a heavy-duty PVC-vinyl fabric, they’re ready to withstand years of wear and tear.

To learn more about our custom-made tent structures, contact Big Top today. We proudly serve businesses in every corner of the globe.

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