Tension Fabric Buildings Can Have Many Uses for Your Business or Organization

Tension Fabric BuildingsTension fabric buildings can easily meet the demands for space that your business or organization may need. Whether you require a warehouse to store your materials, a shelter for your manufacturing machinery, an assembly hall or breakroom for your staff to gather, an aircraft hangar, or boat storage, as just a handful of examples, fabric buildings have the size and space to accommodate. In fact, these temporary buildings have a clear-span design, meaning there are no internal support columns or guy wires, to maximize available space.

A provider of tension fabric buildings should be able to include any number of accessories to meet your needs. Lighting, flooring, specialty doors, insulation, gutters, HVAC, whatever you need from your fabric shelter should be available as an option. Plus, you can take advantage of mobility – if you need to move the structure to somewhere else on the jobsite, there are crane-lifting tools available to make that happen. Or, if you need the structure relocated to a separate facility, it can be disassembled and moved.

While these are all great assets, perhaps the best benefit is the cost savings you can enjoy by choosing a temporary fabric shelter over a permanent building made from other materials. First, a fabric structure costs less per square foot to build. Second, it takes far less time to install, saving on construction costs. And third, because tension fabric buildings can be categorized as equipment with the IRS, tax advantages may be available.

Business owners and organization leaders in need of a temporary shelter can turn to Big Top Fabric Structures. We’ve been providing tension fabric buildings to just about every industry in the country since our inception in 1979 and we’d be happy to custom-build one for your business or organization, too. To learn more, contact us today.

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