Tension Fabric Buildings Custom-Made for Businesses in Baltimore, MD

Tension Fabric Buildings Baltimore MDFounded in 1979, Big Top Fabric Structures is a manufacturer of tension fabric buildings that is committed to providing versatile, dependable products for businesses in Baltimore, Maryland, and beyond. Available in nearly any size and upgradable with functional features such as flooring, specialty doors, HVAC, and lighting, our buildings are suitable for a wide variety of applications. Big Top can also provide engineering services for those who need buildings that comply with codes for wind load, snow load, and seismic activity.

Customization is only one of the many benefits that comes with working with Big Top. Our company is also committed to making functional, durable tension fabric buildings are that made to last. For example:

  • We make our frames with industrial-grade galvanized steel.
  • We make our fabric from flame-retardant, rip-resistant, PVC-vinyl fabric.
  • Our buildings do not require any vertical support poles or guy wires, maximizing interior space and maneuverability.

While the durability of our structures enables them to be used for permanent applications, they are also suitable for temporary use as well. Thanks to the fact that our buildings are modular and don’t require a permanent concrete foundation, they can be installed and disassembled quickly. Plus, we offer mobility kits – a crane lifting package, jacks and wheels, and rails – that make it possible to move one of our structures around as a whole unit.

Contact Big Top today for more information about our tension fabric buildings. We are happy to be the fabric building partner of choice for businesses in Baltimore, MD, and all the surrounding areas.

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