Temporary Warehouses Custom Made for Construction Firms by Big Top Fabric Structures

Temporary WarehousesBig Top’s temporary warehouses are a fast and economical solution for the storage of equipment and supplies. Our structures don’t require a permanent concrete foundation, and they have a modular design that makes them easy to install. With the help of our installation guide and phone support, our temporary buildings can be constructed by your own team of untrained laborers, which can save you both time and money.

In addition to being easily constructed, Big Top’s temporary warehouses can be disassembled and transported from worksite to worksite. More, we offer mobility kits – a crane lifting package, jacks and wheels, and rails – so that our structures can be moved as whole units. This mobility provides exceptional convenience when you need to move your warehouse around your worksite.

At Big Top, we strive to provide our customers with warehousing alternatives that can be built quickly and moved later. This, however, doesn’t mean we must sacrifice durability or functionality. Our temporary warehouses:

  • Are supported with a galvanized steel framing system
  • Are covered by a flame-retardant PVC vinyl fabric in 18-, 22-, or 28-ounce weight
  • Can be customized to include HVAC systems, insulation, flooring, doors, and more
  • Can be engineered for adherence to strict building codes, including for wind load, snow load, and seismic activity

Thanks to their practicality, our structures have become a staple for a variety of businesses and organizations, including those in the military, oil and gas industry, mining and mineral industry, energy services, environmental services, and more.

To learn more about Big Top’s custom-made temporary warehouses, contact us today.

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