Temporary Warehouse Structures Made by Big Top

Temporary Warehouse StructuresWhy choose Big Top for temporary warehouse structures? The reasons are endless. Founded in 1979, our company has many years of experience with fabric structures, and we make ours with high-quality materials so they’ll last for a long time. Our frames, for example, are made of galvanized, industrial-grade steel, and our fabric is made of a PVC vinyl material that is flame retardant and rip resistant. Our buildings also have a clear span design. This means they don’t require any support poles or guy wires, so they have wide open interiors that are perfect for storing as much equipment as you need.

Some of the other benefits of our temporary warehouse structures include:

  • Portability – Our buildings can be disassembled and moved from worksite to worksite. With the addition of a mobility kit, such as a crane-lifting package, our buildings can be moved around a single worksite without being disassembled.
  • Energy efficiency – Big Top offers a translucent fabric that allows natural light to shine through. With abundant natural light illuminating your building during the day, you won’t have to rely on electricity, which can help reduce your energy bill and add points to your LEED score.
  • Protection from the elements – Our structures will keep your employees and equipment safe from the damage that can be caused by rain, sleet, snow, hail, and the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Plus, our buildings are warmer than outside temperatures during the winter and cooler during the summer, so they can provide a more comfortable working environment for employees.

Contact Big Top today to learn more about our temporary warehouse structures. When you do, don’t forget to ask about the competitive warranties that we offer.

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