People choose industrial fabric tents, not just because they’re more cost-effective than traditional brick-and-mortar buildings but because they’re structures you can rely on. They’re weather-resistant, tear-resistant, fire-retardant, energy-efficient, and block up to 99 percent of harsh UV rays.

However, there’s one more benefit to fabric structures that not many people know about—they can come in permanent and temporary designs. To help you build the perfect structure for your application, let’s review what you need to know about temporary vs. permanent construction buildings.

What Is a Temporary Structure?

The word temporary might stir up worry and ideas of a flimsy structure unable to withstand long-term exposure to the elements. Fortunately, that’s not the case. In general, we can broadly define a temporary building as a structure you can take apart and move from one location to another.

For fabric structures, the galvanized steel frame and PVC fabric membrane remain the same. However, their temporary design makes them easy to take apart and store for the off-season. They can also be moved through the use of different mobility systems.

What Is a Permanent Structure?

Permanent tent structures, as you may be able to guess, don’t have the same mobility systems within their design. You cannot take them apart and move them to another area of your facility or to another location. However, both permanent and temporary structures offer all the same benefits a fabric structure can provide.

At Big Top Manufacturing, we build all our structures to meet your area’s building codes and requirements, as well as your typical building loads. Both structures can withstand these challenges, so you can guarantee you’ll have a structure that will last you for years to come.

What’s Right for Your Application?

We know the difference between temporary versus permanent construction buildings, but the question is, which one is right for your construction site? The answer depends on whether you want to take your structure with you to the next jobsite. If you’re working on a unique, one-time project and only need an enclosure once, a permanent structure may be the building solution for you.

However, if you find yourself needing a structure or enclosure often, a temporary building may suit your application best. Keep in mind that even if you don’t use your structure throughout the year, you can put the parts in storage, erect the structure yourself, or contact the original manufacturer to do it for you.

Whatever structure you choose, let Big Top Manufacturing design, install, and erect your fabric structure. We specialize in large temporary buildings, but we’re no strangers to permanent tent structures either. We’ll work tirelessly to create a structure perfectly suited for your application.

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