Relocatable Temporary Storage Buildings Made by Big Top Fabric Structures

Temporary StorageConstruction projects often necessitate the need for temporary storage structures for keeping materials and equipment out of the elements. When your business is need of one such structure, turn to Big Top. Our temporary storage buildings are built with heavy-duty galvanized steel frames and are covered with your choice of 18-, 22-, or 28-ounce, flame-retardant, PVC-vinyl fabric, so you can be certain that they are well-equipped to protect your business’s assets from much of what Mother Nature can inflict. For businesses operating in particularly tricky locations – such as areas that may mandate adherence to strict seismic, wind-load, or snow-load requirements – Big Top is staffed with engineering experts who will be happy to help you create a storage structure that meets your required specifications.

In addition to being durable, our temporary storage buildings offer other benefits as well, including:

  • An open interior – Big Top’s innovative design eliminates the need for support poles and guide wires, which maximizes space and maneuverability within our structures.
  • Easy assembly – With a modular design, our structures can be easily erected, expanded, and disassembled by a team of untrained workers.
  • Portability – Our fabric buildings are available with a variety of mobility packages, including jacks and wheels, rails, and crane lifting packages, which allow the structures to be easily moved around a worksite as a whole.
  • Additional options – We offer all kinds of optional packages including HVAC systems, flooring, lighting, and much more.

For more information about temporary storage buildings, contact Big Top today. Because our fabric structures are custom-made and highly adaptable, they are useful for a variety of applications.

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