Temporary Storage Buildings Made for Construction Sites

Temporary Storage Buildings

When you are looking for temporary storage buildings for your business, there’s nowhere better to turn than Big Top Fabric Structures. Our solutions are ideal for warehousing and equipment storage thanks to the numerous advantages they provide. Since 1979, we’ve been custom-designing temporary storage buildings for companies across the nation. Like them, you too can reap the benefits of having a Big Top fabric structure supporting your operations.

Protection for Your Equipment & Materials

The fabric cover is the hallmark feature of our temporary storage buildings thanks to the extraordinary thermal protection it offers. In fact, the fabric is specially formulated to block 99.95% of UV-A and UV-B radiation, ensuring your materials do not degrade under sun exposure and helping to maximize the lifespan of your equipment’s paint jobs and electronics.

A Comfortable Work Environment

Such a high level of performance against sun exposure also means that our temporary warehouses naturally maintain a pleasant interior temperature that is, on average, 15 degrees cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than the outside temperature. Unless the materials you work with require a climate-controlled environment, your fabric structure will not need an HVAC system to keep your employees comfortable.

Upgradeable Designs

For companies that do work with environmentally sensitive materials, we can install HVACs, ventilation, and insulation for extra protection against the elements. In fact, Big Top offers custom designs for our customers needing a warehouse or equipment storage space. Your temporary building can range in size up to 80 feet high, 174 feet wide, and almost any length, providing ample space for storage racks and heavy equipment. We can also install flooring, bay and personnel doors, and a range of other quality add-ons.

Versatile & Easy Deployments

Because our temporary storage buildings don’t require permanent concrete foundations to be constructed and can be anchored to nearly anything, including repurposed shipping containers, making them relatively easy to set up. With proper training, your crew can handle the work. Otherwise, if you’d rather your employees stay focused on their day-to-day tasks, Big Top can provide a turnkey installation service to remove this chore from your list. We can also include a crane-lifting package if you anticipate having to move the structure down the road—it can be moved intact with a crane. Additionally, it can be disassemble for transportation between worksites as your business needs change.

Other Benefits if Our Temporary Storage Buildings

In addition to portability, there are many other benefits that Big Top’s temporary storage buildings have to offer. For example, our buildings are:

  • Made with galvanized steel frames for superior structural integrity
  • Covered with flame-retardant PVC vinyl fabric in your choose of 18-, 22-, or 28-ounce weight
  • Available in virtually any size to accommodate a variety of applications
  • Free of support poles and guide wires, which maximizes interior space and maneuverability
  • Protected by spectacular warranties

One of the greatest benefits of choosing Big Top for your portable fabric structure is that we will work closely with you to ensure you receive a building that meets your exact needs and specifications. Even if your worksite is an area that requires you to account for wind load, snow load, or seismic activity, Big Top will be here to design a building that meets your needs.

To learn more about the temporary storage buildings that we make here at Big Top Fabric Structures, contact us today and one of our knowledgeable associates will be happy to assist you. We proudly serve businesses around the world.

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