Temporary Industrial Buildings are Cost-Effective Alternatives to Permanent Structures

Temporary Industrial BuildingsTemporary industrial buildings provided by Big Top Fabric Structures can help companies reduce the cost of expanding their operations. Compared to constructing a permanent building, our temporary structures cost less to assemble and install more quickly. Plus, the translucent fabric used in our buildings can help lessen your dependency on electric light and can help maintain a comfortable interior temperature year-round, reducing the workload of your HVAC. The result is extra points toward your LEED score and potentially lower monthly energy bills.

At Big Top, we custom-design all of our temporary industrial buildings to best meet the unique needs of our clients, instead of offering a standard cookie-cutter design like some of our competitors. We can construct the height and width of our buildings according to your specs and can include any number of features, such as:

  • Doors
    • Vinyl and metal doors
    • Hydraulic powered doors
    • Clear vinyl freezer flaps
  • Lighting
    • Metal-halide lights
    • Fluorescent lights
    • Flood lights
  • Flooring
    • Hexadeck flooring
    • Event deck flooring
    • Turf and carpet flooring
  • HVAC
    • Air scrubbing systems
    • Dehumidification
    • Venting and ductwork
    • Wall-mounted AC units
  • And much, much more

But, just because our buildings are temporary, that doesn’t mean they aren’t built to last. With rip-resistant and flame-retardant fabric supported by a durable, galvanized steel frame, our structures will hold their own against the elements for many years. Plus, because they are temporary, you can claim our structures as equipment with the IRS and receive tax benefits.

To learn more about how we can custom-create temporary industrial buildings to reduce costs for your company, contact the experts at Big Top Fabric Structures today.

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