What Are the Benefits of a Temporary Industrial Building Over a Permanent One?

Temporary Industrial BuildingIf your company is in need of an extra building, whether it be for warehousing, production, sandblasting containment, or another use, you may be wondering if you should choose a temporary industrial building over a permanent one. When you consider all the benefits that come with the former, the answer is easy – a fabric structure from Big Top can be built nearly anywhere, can be designed to meet your exact needs, and costs far less than a permanent building.

Versatility That Can’t Be Matched

Our fabric structures can be deployed to anywhere in the world and can be anchored to nearly any foundation, even ecology blocks and shipping containers. This makes them perfect if your operations are based out in the field. Plus, a Big Top shelter does not require specialized training to build, so you won’t have to hire a contractor, and it can be easily disassembled and shipped to another location or stored for future use should your production be relocated or halted.

A Custom Design That Works for You

Big Top can customize your temporary industrial building in myriad ways. No size is too big or small, and we can include telescopic maneuverability for moving heavy equipment into and out of the structure with a crane. Furthermore, there are numerous accessories that you can choose from, such as climate control, insulation, flooring, personnel and bay doors, and more.

A Cost-Effective Solution

A fabric industrial building from Big Top costs far less and uses fewer materials than a permanent building. And, thanks to the translucent roof, the interior of your shelter will be flooded with natural sunlight, eliminating or minimizing the need for artificial lighting, which can help reduce your energy costs. Furthermore, you may be able to take advantage of tax benefits by claiming your fabric building as equipment with the IRS.

Weather Protection for Your Equipment, Materials & Staff

Another benefit of Big Top’s shelters is that the fabric roof repels 99.95 percent of UV-A and UV-B radiation. This will help maintain the paint job on your equipment and prolong the lifespan of its electronics, protect your environmentally sensitive materials, and keep your staff safe from sun exposure. Additionally, the fabric roof will help maintain a comfortable interior temperature that is on average 15 degrees cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than the outside temperature. And, Big Top will ensure your industrial building is compliant with local building codes, including heavy wind and snow load requirements.

A temporary industrial building from Big Top is strong enough to withstand nearly any type of weather and can remain in place for years on end with the proper maintenance. To learn more about how one of our fabric structures can benefit your company, contact the professionals at Big Top today. When you do, be sure to ask about the services we offer that can help you make the most out of your fabric building.

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