Temporary Fabric Structures Are a Great Solution for Many Businesses

Temporary Fabric StructuresWith our temporary fabric structures, Big Top gives businesses the ability to invest in mobile buildings. Our structures utilize a modular framing system that can be set up, disassembled, and expanded by a crew with no previous experience. Of course, we offer a thorough installation guide and phone support to make this process easier, and turnkey construction is provided as well. While disassembly is useful for transportation from jobsite to jobsite, it probably doesn’t quite cut it for relocating a structure within a jobsite. At Big Top, we have encountered and addressed this need. We offer mobility kits – a crane-lifting package, and rails – that enable our temporary fabric structures to be moved as whole units.

In addition to mobility and ease of installation, Big Top’s fabric structures offer many other great benefits. For example, they are:

  • Durable – Our buildings’ frames are made of industrial-grade galvanized steel and provide unparalleled structural support. Our fabric is also made of PVC vinyl and is flame retardant and rip resistant.
  • Spacious – Our buildings have a large span in between the frames and do not require any vertical support poles or guide wires. As a result, they’re versatile. In the past, we have made warehouses, large area maintenance shelters, military hangars and sunshades, and more.
  • Customizable – At Big Top, we work closely with our customers. If you require HVAC, flooring, specialty doors, lighting, or some other add-on feature, we will be happy to integrate it into your building.

For more information about the temporary fabric structures that we make at Big Top, contact us today.

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