Temporary Buildings Custom Manufactured by Big Top

Temporary BuildingsThe temporary buildings made by Big Top are a great alternative to permanent buildings made of steel or wood. There are many reasons why this is true, and one of them is the fact that our buildings are reusable. Made with galvanized steel frames and a NFPA701-rated, flame-retardant, PVC-vinyl cover, our fabric buildings are extremely durable, yet they have a modular design that allows them to be dismantled and rebuilt time and again. This is a huge advantage for any traveling business, such as those in construction that move from jobsite to jobsite.

Another reason to consider Big Top is the fact that our temporary buildings can be moved as whole units. We have mobility kits – a crane-lifting package, jacks and wheels, and rails – that we can add to any of our fabric buildings for extra mobility. This is another benefit that simply isn’t available with permanent buildings.

Additionally, the temporary buildings we make here at Big Top are entirely customizable. They can be made in nearly any width, and we can incorporate climate control, ventilation, and other features to ensure that your structure is everything you need it to be. Plus, our fabric has a UPF rating of 50+, which will protect your employees and equipment from the harshness of the sun’s ultraviolet light.

Indeed, once you see these structures, you might decide “temporary buildings” is a misnomer. Big Top’s structures are perfectly suited for permanent applications with the added benefit of being portable. For more information about how one of our custom-built buildings can improve your bottom line, contact us today.

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