Get a Custom-Made Tarp Building from Big Top Fabric Structures

Tarp BuildingDid you know that you can acquire a custom-made tarp building from the experts at Big Top? Since 1979, we have been committed to making custom fabric structures for commercial, industrial, and military organizations. We can make our buildings in virtually any size, so they can be used for a variety of different purposes, such as for warehousing, vehicle and equipment maintenance, assemblies, blasting and painting, and much more. We can also add optional features to your tarp building like HVAC, lighting, flooring, and specialty doors.

At Big Top, we are committed to making high-quality structures that are durable and long lasting. That’s why our buildings have frames made of galvanized, industrial-grade steel and flame-retardant, rip-resistant fabric made of PVC vinyl. We also offer engineering services for those in areas that require adherence to building codes for wind load, snow load, and seismic activity. In short, our buildings can be trusted to last for years to come.

Why else choose Big Top to make your tarp building? There are plenty of reasons. For example, our buildings are:

  • Energy efficient – We offer a translucent fabric that allows natural light to shine through. With natural light illuminating your tarp building during the day, you can reduce your reliance on electricity, and lower your energy bill.
  • Portable – While our buildings are perfectly suited for permanent applications, they can also be disassembled and transported between worksites. With the addition of a mobility kit, such as our crane lifting package, they can be moved around a shingle worksite without being disassembled.

If you are interested in having a tarp building custom-made for your organization, contact Big Top today. When you do, be sure to ask about our competitive warranties.

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