With summer comes construction’s longtime nemesis: rain. We recently started working with a company that has taken on the daunting task of building a power plant in a “greenfield” sort of situation – they had no existing structures in which they could store their equipment and materials. As the rain started falling, so did their bottom line. Equipment needed extra maintenance, materials were getting ruined, and there were many delays caused by the weather. They needed a shelter and they needed it fast, so they turned to Big Top. They saw that our structures don’t require a permanent foundation and that they could be manufactured quickly and erected easily. Within just a few weeks, they had a fully functional shelter and moved on to finish building the power plant on time and under budget.

In addition to rain, summer also brings warmer weather. We can all remember at least one time when we felt fatigued by high temperatures, or even completely gave up on being outside because it was just too hot and humid. But the fact of the matter is, heat does much more than just simply make us feel uncomfortable – it adds significant stress to our bodies, so high temperatures are hardly productive environments. Worse, they’re dangerous environments, and can result in heat trauma or even death. Ideally, any work that can be done in the shade should be done in the shade, in order to maximize employee efficiency and prevent time loss. Fortunately, Big Top’s structures not only provide shade, but they can also be easily modified to accommodate high temperatures, helping your employees feel more comfortable and more productive, thereby increasing your bottom line.


Businesses across the United States are required by law to provide safe working environments, and this includes protection from the heat. Big Top is proud to have gone one step further with our recent acceptance into OSHA SHARP (Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program). This distinction recognizes our commitment to safety in the workplace, as well as providing our employees with exemplary illness and injury prevention programs. So, if you’d like to create a safe and comfortable environment for your employees, protect your equipment from the damages caused by inclement weather, and increase your bottom line, contact Big Top today. Many businesses don’t realize that our fabric structures can do the job of a permanent structure for a fraction of the cost.


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