Emergency Response Medical Tents

Medical Tents for Emergency ResponseBig Top is proud to serve local municipalities and private companies that need a temporary shelter for emergency response personnel and equipment. When there’s an emergency medical situation that requires an urgent response, you can trust in our fabric shelters to support your relief efforts.

Easily & Quickly Deployed

Our medical tents are versatile options because they can be deployed on nearly any type of terrain. In fact, they do not require a traditional foundation and can be anchored directly to asphalt for the utmost convenience. They require few materials to build and can, therefore, be assembled at a rate of 2,500 square feet per day. For seamless installation, you can rely on our turnkey services, keeping your staff focused on the immediate needs at hand and sparing you the extra expense of hiring an outside contractor.

Protection for First-Responders & Equipment

The fabric roof in our emergency response shelters is formulated to repel 99.95% of harmful UV-A and UV-B radiation. With that level of outstanding protection, our shelters can maximize the lifespan of the paintjobs and electronics of emergency vehicles and equipment while keeping your personnel safe from sun exposure. Additionally, the fabric roof helps to maintain a pleasant interior temperature that is, on average, 15 degrees cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than the outside temperature. Professionals, medical patients, and those in need of emergency shelter will remain comfortable inside the building.

Customizable Options to Meet the Needs of Your Department

Big Top can design your emergency response medical tent in many ways to meet your specifications. Our buildings can be tall enough to house oversized equipment, wide enough to employ safe distancing between a large crowd of people, and can include a wide range of accessories, such as an HVAC and ventilation system, personnel and bay doors, durable flooring, internal partitions for separate rooms, and more.

Natural Lighting to Save on Energy Usage

Another unique benefit of our fabric roofs is that they’re translucent and will allow plenty of natural sunlight to illuminate the interior, meaning you won’t need to burn energy on artificial lighting during the day. However, your emergency response shelter will likely need to be operational around the clock, in which case Big Top can prepare the shelter to have artificial lighting installed by an electrician.

A Versatile Solution

When the emergency situation has passed, you’ll be able to use your fabric medical tent as a permanent station for your first-responders—with proper maintenance, our buildings can remain deployed for years thanks to the industrial-grade, galvanized steel frame—or you can repurpose it for another use. Thanks to the portable design, your shelter can be disassembled and shipped to a different location, or even stored until you have a need for it.

To learn more about why our fabric structures are beneficial, contact Big Top today. Our emergency response medical tents are available for immediate delivery.

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