Storage Tents & Warehouses for Every Industry

Storage TentsBig Top storage tents are always made to order because we understand that warehousing needs can vary significantly by industry and application. Maybe you’re looking for a shelter to protect your materials from the elements, or maybe you need a humidity-controlled environment in which to store your equipment. Whatever the case, Big Top will be happy to design a warehousing structure that is optimized to provide the conditions you need. Our commitment to custom manufacturing, along with our vast selection of accessories, makes our storage tents highly adaptable across a variety of industries. If you can dream it, we can build it.

In addition to having limitless potential for customization, Big Top warehousing structures are built to withstand both severe weather and the rigors of industrial wear and tear. For example, our storage tents:

  • Have flame-retardant fabric coverings
  • Feature polyester rip-stop scrims to prevent ripping in the event of a puncture
  • Are modularly designed, which makes your structure easy to install, modify, expand, and disassemble
  • Are portable, as our structures don’t need a concrete pad or any other type of permanent foundation
  • Have an open interior to eliminate hazards and wasted space caused by support poles and guide wires
  • Can be specially engineered to resist winds of 120 mph or more, bear as much as 80 lbs of snow, comply with Zone 4 earthquake specifications, and meet other requirements

While we specialize in the custom manufacturing of industrial-grade storage tents, we are also devoted to customer service. Our production process is devised to be as efficient as possible, enabling us to deliver outstanding lead times of just three to four weeks. Moreover, for those in areas that must adhere to specific building codes, our specialized staff can provide you with stamped and sealed blueprints, so you can worry less about technicalities and focus more on the task at hand. We also offer onsite consultations and installation services.

If you’re looking for storage tents, contact Big Top Fabric Structures today for a customized solution. Our high-quality, adaptable fabric structures are ideal for both permanent and temporary applications.

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