Storage Tents & Warehouses for Every Industry

Storage Tents

At Big Top Fabric Structures, we always make storage tents to order because we understand that warehousing needs can vary significantly by industry and application. Maybe you’re looking for a shelter to protect your materials from the elements, or maybe you need a humidity-controlled environment in which to store your equipment? Whatever the case, Big Top will be happy to design a warehousing structure that is optimized to provide the conditions you need. Our commitment to custom manufacturing, along with our vast selection of accessories, makes our storage tents highly adaptable across a variety of industries. If you can dream it, we can build it.

Spacious, Clear-Span Warehouse Structures

Our fabric structures can be nearly any size to accommodate your storage racks and other warehousing needs. In fact, our storage tents can span up to 174 feet wide, 80 feet high, and virtually any length. And because there are no guy wires or columns taking up space, you’ll be able to use every square inch of the interior for your needs.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Big Top’s storage tents require far fewer materials than traditional brick-and-mortar warehouses, and they can be deployed quickly, at a rate of 2,500 square feet per day. The result is a warehousing solution that can fit your budget.

Protection for Materials, Equipment & Staff

The fabric cover of our warehouse structures is designed for exceptional thermal performance and will block 99.95% of UV-A and UV-B radiation. This great benefit will protect your materials from sun exposure, maximize the lifespan of your equipment’s electronics and paint jobs, and keep your staff comfortable throughout the workday.

Comfortable Interior Temperatures

Another benefit of the thermally protective cover is that it helps the interior of our fabric warehouses stay at a pleasant temperature that is, on average, 15 degrees cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than the temperature outside.

Natural Illumination

One of the biggest drawbacks of permanent warehouse structures, in addition to their high costs, is that they are hard to keep illuminated, often requiring electric lighting to run throughout the day. At Big Top, we solve this pain point by designing structures with a translucent roof that allows sunlight to fully illuminate the interior without help from an artificial lighting system. The monthly energy savings that you can reap by not having electric lights on all day can quickly add up and provide a nice return on investment.

Long-Term Applications

Though our storage tents are considered temporary, they are designed to withstand both severe weather and the rigors of industrial wear and tear. The durable, industrial-grade steel frame can withstand nearly anything Mother Nature has in store, the rip-resistant fabric cover is NFPA701 flame retardant, and extra engineering is available for heavy wind and snow loads. With regular maintenance, your new fabric warehouse from Big Top can last for decades.

Other Reasons Why Our Fabric Structures Are Ideal for Warehousing Applications

In addition to having limitless potential for customization, Big Top’s warehousing structures:

  • Are modularly designed, which makes your structure easy to install, modify, expand, and disassemble
  • Are portable, as our structures don’t need a concrete pad or any other type of permanent foundation
  • May help you earn tax benefits from the IRS

Superior Customer Service

While we specialize in the custom manufacturing of industrial-grade storage tents, we are also devoted to customer service. Our production process is devised to be as efficient as possible, enabling us to deliver outstanding lead times of just three to four weeks. Moreover, for those in areas that must adhere to specific building codes, our specialized staff can provide you with stamped and sealed blueprints, so you can worry less about technicalities and focus more on the task at hand. We also offer onsite consultations and installation services.

If you’re looking for storage tents, contact Big Top Fabric Structures today for a customized solution. Our high-quality, adaptable warehouse structures are ideal for both permanent and temporary applications.

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