Big Top Makes Custom Storage Structures for Businesses in a Variety of Industries

Storage StructuresBig Top’s storage structures will provide you with the ease-of-entry and customization that you require for your warehouse, all for a fraction of the cost of building from scratch. Featuring an open design with no support poles or guide wires, our structures maximize space and maneuverability. Additionally, our warehouse structures can be customized by adding heating and cooling systems, ventilation, dehumidification, flooring, lighting, and more, so they’re adaptable to a wide range of storage needs.

Not only are Big Top’s storage structures useful for a variety of warehousing needs, but they are also a cost-effective alternative to the traditional construction process. For example, our structures:

  • Don’t require a permanent concrete foundation to establish secure footing
  • Require fewer materials to build and construct than permanent buildings
  • Can be erected by a team of untrained laborers
  • Can be moved around a worksite as one unit
  • Are perfect for both temporary and permanent use

At Big Top, we take great pride in what we make and in the satisfaction of our customers, which is why our storage structures are made to be durable and dependable. They’re supported by galvanized steel frames and are covered with your choice of 18-, 22-, or 28-ounce PVC-vinyl fabric. Additionally, we offer engineering services for those in areas that mandate adherence to certain building codes, like snow-load, wind-load, and seismic activity requirements.

For more information about our storage structures, contact Big Top today. Our durable fabric buildings can be found throughout the world.

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