6 Reasons Why Fabric Structures Are Best for Mining Operations

mounds of minerals under a fabric structureMining operations can often require a significant amount of infrastructure in the field. This leaves owners of mining and mineral companies looking for the best shelter solutions for their day-to-day production needs. At Big Top, we’ve been working with mining and mineral companies for decades. What makes our fabric structure so valuable for this industry? Here are six great reasons:

1.   Easy Deployment

Big Top’s fabric structures do not require a concrete pad as a foundation, which means they can be anchored to nearly anything, even dirt and asphalt. This is certainly an advantage when mining operations require on-site facilities. Additionally, they require few materials, can be erected at the fast pace of 2,500 square feet per day, and do not need assistance from an outside contractor for deployment. In fact, the professionals at Big Top can handle the installation for you with our turnkey service, allowing your staff to stay focused on more pressing matters.

2.   Portability

Not only are Big Top’s fabric shelters easily deployed, but they can also be relocated to keep pace with changing mining operations. For instance, they can be moved around the footprint intact with a crane, and they can be disassembled and shipped to a new base of operations for future use.

3.   Long-Lasting Performance

Our temporary buildings are supported by an industrial-grade, galvanized steel frame that is strong enough to withstand exposure to the elements for years on end. We can even engineer our shelters for heavy wind and snow loads, as well as lightning protection for the safety of mining personnel. With very little maintenance, a Big Top fabric structure can last for decades.

4.   Thermal Protection

The fabric cover of our structures is formulated to repel 99.95% of UV-A and UV-B radiation, resulting in an impressive UPF rating of 2,000. This extraordinary thermal performance will keep staff, materials, and equipment well protected from sun exposure. It also helps the interior of our fabric structures to remain at a comfortable temperature that is, on average, 15 degrees cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than the temperature outside.

5.   Energy Efficiency

The thermal performance of our fabric shelters means artificial climate control isn’t needed to maintain comfort, which results in significant energy savings. The savings continue thanks to the translucent fabric cover—natural light illuminates the interior space without help from an electric lighting system.

6.   Customizability

At Big Top, we custom design our temporary buildings to meet the unique needs of mining and mineral operations. Our shelters can range in size from 20 to 174 feet wide and nearly any length, and they can be outfitted with any number of high-quality accessories, such as flooring, bay and personnel doors, insulation, internal partitions, HVACs, and more.

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When you consider all of these advantages, it’s no wonder that so many mining and mineral companies across the country rely on Big Top’s fabric structures for their operations. For more information about our shelter solutions, which we’ve been designing and manufacturing since our founding in 1979, contact Big Top today.

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