Custom Shelter Systems Made for Businesses Worldwide

Shelter SystemsBig Top shelter systems can protect your equipment and employees from the elements for a fraction of the cost of a more traditional wood or metal building. Able to be erected on just about any kind of foundation, our fabric structures don’t require the lengthy and costly processes that go into constructing a building from scratch. Additionally, our structures can be easily assembled, and in most situations, can be put together by individuals with no prior experience or training.

In addition to being an efficient and cost-effective means for sheltering your equipment and employees, our shelter systems are also very durable. In fact:

  • Our fabric is a heavy duty PVC-vinyl that is available in your choice of 18-, 22-, or 28-ounce weights. It’s also California State Fire Marshal Flame Resistance certified and features rip-stop scrims to prevent tearing in the event of a puncture.
  • Our structures are supported by galvanized steel tubing with a tensile strength of 55,000 psi.
  • We can engineer our shelter systems for additional durability. For example, we can design your structure to comply with specific requirements for seismic activity, high winds, or snow loads.
  • We offer anchoring systems to ensure that your structure maintains secure footing regardless of the surrounding terrain.

At Big Top, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with shelter systems that are customized for their specific applications. We offer countless add-on features, including lights, HVAC systems, doors, and more, plus we offer onsite consultations to aid in the design process. In short, no matter what your industry or application is, Big Top’s got you covered.

For more information about our shelter systems, contact Big Top today and one of our representatives will be happy to help you. Our highly versatile fabric shelters can be found in locations throughout the world.

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