Ordering Your Replacement Fabric Shelter Coverings

Whether you purchased a tension fabric structure from us at Big Top Manufacturing or you bought it from another company, our team has the experience and streamlined process to provide you with the best replacement cover possible. We stock a large inventory of high quality fabric shelter coverings to meet your budget and functional needs, regardless of the scope of your project.

Our support team can help guide you through the process, and we require only the basic information upfront to being the design of your replacement cover. We simply need the dimensions and details about what your structure is being used for to start your project.

We’ve been designing and manufacturing tension fabric structures for decades, and we’ve established a step-by-step process that our clients find easy to follow and efficient.

Step 1: Identify the precise size of your fabric shelter. Our CAD designers require the exact height, width and length in order to fabricate the replacement fabric your structure will need. We have an expert support team and provide onsite consultations when requested to ensure you submit the proper dimensions.

Step 2: Select your fabric type. We understand that each project requires a different approach and that one fabric isn’t the best solution for every application. Big Top stocks an array of durable, aesthetically pleasing fabrics that offer a range of benefits, include great weathering abilities, durability and the option to let in plenty of natural light.

Unsure what type of fabric shelter covering is best for you? We have a knowledgeable sales department capable of discussing your building’s needs and making the proper recommendations.

Step 3: Determine your fabric building options and accessory needs. Do you need new doors, an HVAC unit, awnings, special insulation materials or ridge vents? If you’re unsure what additions you’ll need to fully maximize your tension fabric building, our staff is ready to help.

Once these assets and all the information has been received, we custom design and fabricate your replacement fabric cover in our advanced 65,000 square foot facility; it’s made to order and created to meet your specific needs. Once completed, if further installation support is needed, we have experts who travel worldwide to ensure you’re completely satisfied with your purchase. Call Big Top Manufacturing today to discuss your fabric shelter needs, and we’ll provide you with advice and a quote that’s beyond industry competitive.

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