Are You Ready for Winter?

By Jeff Merschman

Whether you’re ready or not, winter is upon us. Soon the temperatures will be dropping, and the snow will be accumulating. Neither of those is particularly helpful when you have an outdoor job to do. In fact, meteorologists predict an especially bitter-cold, snowy winter this year, so the time is now to plan ahead and prepare.
It’s no secret that the winter months can negatively impact productivity, and create more risk. For workers, the colder weather leaves them susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia. With more ice and snow, there’s a heightened chance for injury. Even your equipment and materials hate the snow. Cold weather reduces the lifespan of equipment, takes a toll on components, and renders equipment more difficult to utilize. Uncovered, materials can be buried in snow and ice – in some cases ruined. Working with concrete is very difficult in cold weather. Add in the higher fuel and diesel prices necessary to keep workers warm and heavy equipment running. Winter can be tough on a business.

M3361S-3034All of these challenges illustrate why a sturdy, well-constructed fabric structure is a necessity in the winter months. Our fabric structures can be engineered to withstand impressive wind and snow loads per your requirements – basically anything Mother Nature can throw at you. They provide extremely comfortable working environments – and can be customized with options that include heaters, HVAC, insulation, electrical and lighting. This will keep workers safe and warm and productivity up, even with less hours of daylight.

And your equipment will thank you as well. Keeping expensive machinery out of the ice and snow will keep it running at optimum levels, insuring your productivity doesn’t dip with the temperatures. Big Top Fabric Structures are also easy to install, disassemble and extremely mobile. With mobility choices that include crane lifting packages or wheels and rail, the structures can moved to the current project or job site that need attention.

Winter is a wonderful time of year – except when you have a job to do. But Big Top Fabric Structures can help make those cold, short days extremely productive, and comfortable.

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