Types of Fabric Structure Coverings

Big Top Manufacturing has been customizing fabric building solutions for over 30 years, and we know that each project is different, requiring flexibility and options to complete successfully. We offer a range of fabric structure coverings to meet the needs of any application.

We opt only for the best fabrics available, those that offer flexibility, durability and the best return on your investment. One of these is the 18 ounce PVC fabric.

18 Ounce PVC Fabric

For over 20 years, Big Top has used 18 ounce PVC fabric to construct fabric shelters worldwide. The flexibility these fabrics offer with regard to pattern and color means they are used to create some of the more aesthetically pleasing buildings. Big Top keeps white, opaque white, opaque green and opaque tan in stock to provide each client with an array of options.

Depending on what your fabric shelter will be used for, you may opt for more or less filtered light. Our transparent fabrics allow in more natural light which gives your shelter an open, airy and glow-filled atmosphere. Our opaque fabrics block all outside light from passing through the membrane which can be helpful for more environmentally controlled applications.

22 Ounce PVC Fabric

If durability and withstanding more extreme conditions are priority for your fabric building application, we recommend going above the 18 ounce grade fabric to at least the 22 ounce PVC fabric. It’s available in fewer patterns and colors, but Big Top carries it in translucent white, opaque white and opaque beige.

Our proprietary design has proven successful in worldwide applications within a range of industries and environments. Compared to others in the fabric shelter industry, it’s one of the longest lasting and most durable fabrics available.

28 Ounce PVC Fabric

Many of our applications are extraordinarily demanding, and for these, the 28 ounce PVC fabric shelter covering is ideal. It’s amazingly sturdy and can withstand up to 700 pounds of pressure per inch – this tear strength is practically unbeatable in the industry.

The two part construction consisting of acrylic and urethane coatings improves its weathering ability, abrasion resistance and it also minimizes plasticizer migration providing extreme support and durability. Because so many of our clients require such sturdiness and strength from their fabric building applications, Big Top carries this material standardly in our 150 foot wide span.

It is our goal at Big Top to be adaptable, well-stocked and to offer our clients the variety of coverings they need to satisfy both the functional needs of their tension fabric shelters, as well as their aesthetic preferences. If you’re in need of a fabric building or replacement cover for your existing structure, we invite you to call us to discuss your best solutions.

Fabric Specifications

PVC Vinyl:
California State Fire Marshall Flame Resistance Certified
Passes NFPA – 701 Large/Small Scale Test
Radio Frequency or Hot Air Welded for Water Proof Seams

Quick Fabric Comparison Chart

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Research has proven our competitors provide a woven polyolefin fabric which, if studied closely, is of a lower grade and is less durable, normally with a weight of around 12 ounces. Because of its lower quality, as well as the fact that it is often not flame-retardant, we discuss it only as a comparison to the better suited, more versatile fabrics that we use on our Big Top shelters. For your evaluation, however, it’s important to know this type of fabric is often an option.

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