Get Your Project off the Ground with Prefabricated Fabric Buildings

If you’re looking to make your next project look like it was built overnight, then prefabricated fabric buildings are right up your alley. With no wood, concrete, steel or bricks to build with, you can design and construct an entire building in the space of a few weeks. And when you’re done with it? Just take it down and ship it off to another location. Or keep it up for the long-term. Here’s what you need to know about prefabricated fabric buildings, including their components and benefits as well as things to consider before buying one.

Faster and Cheaper

Prefabricated fabric buildings are a great way to get your project off the ground without delay. These temporary structures can be designed in days and built in weeks, depending on size and quantity, making them perfect for projects that require quick construction timelines like emergency shelters, event venues, storage spaces, and artist studios. Best of all, prefabricated fabric buildings can withstand winds up to 140 mph and can provide over 90% protection from earthquakes.

Easy Assembly

Want to construct a structure that’s affordable, quick, and energy-efficient? Consider a prefabricated fabric building. With just four people on hand for an eight-hour day, you can have the project erected in as little as two weeks.

Improved Comfort

Whether you need to increase space for a burgeoning business or find a creative way to use vacant land, prefabricated fabric buildings offer an affordable and quick solution. Once your prefab-fabric building is installed, there’s no need to worry about shelling out extra cash for expensive heaters. These eco-friendly structures keep energy costs low while maintaining a comfortable temperature inside.

Versatile Use

Prefabricated fabric buildings are a prime example of modular design. From hotels to warehouses, data centers, lunch halls, garages to sheds, these buildings can be configured in a variety of ways. This versatility not only makes them flexible, but it also makes them perfect for any situation where a structure needs to be quickly and easily constructed without the need for heavy equipment.

Fabric Building Temperature Control

If you live in a region that has harsh winters, you’ll need to make sure that your fabric building is built to handle not only the hot summers but also the cold winters. This will take some research on what is necessary for your specific area and then customization of your design to meet these requirements. It is possible to do so, though!

Inherent Quality Control
small aircraft fabric hangar

One of the best qualities of prefabricated buildings is the inherent quality control. They are engineered to withstand heavy winds, snow loads, and other natural disasters, so you don’t have to worry about losing your building’s integrity in bad weather. That way, you can move your event inside or leave it outside without fear of a sudden storm ruining everything for you.

Made to Order

Prefabricated fabric buildings are erected in a matter of weeks and allow you to design your space without compromising on time or budget. Find out how they can help you meet your deadlines and give our team of experts a ring: 850.584.7786

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