Need a Portable a Warehouse? We Can Help

Portable WarehousesAt Big Top, we specialize in designing custom fabric structures, including portable warehouses, for our valued customers. No matter what industry your company serves, chances are likely that you need a warehouse to store your materials, equipment, and finished goods. Our fabric warehouses are modern solutions that can offer numerous benefits for your company.

Stay on Budget

Constructing a permanent warehouse can be expensive, both in terms of materials and manpower. Big Top’s fabric buildings require far fewer materials and can be deployed quickly—at a rate of 2,500 square feet per day—delivering significant cost savings.

Fully Illuminated Interior

Because warehouses need to be spacious, traditional brick-and-mortar buildings tend to be dark on the interior, even with the lights on. Our portable warehouses solve this common pain point thanks to the translucent fabric roof, which allows natural sunlight to flood the interior without help from an artificial lighting system. Your staff will be able to clearly see what they’re doing throughout the day, and you can save big on energy costs.

Protection for Your Materials, Equipment & Staff

One of the primary uses of a warehouse is to protect raw materials, finished goods, equipment, and personnel from the elements. Our portable warehouses excel where this is concerned. The fabric roof is specially formulated to repel 99.95% of harmful UV-A and UV-B radiation, shielding the interior from sun exposure. This will help ensure the integrity of your materials, as well as maximize the paint job and electronics of your forklifts and other equipment.

Natural Climate Control

Another benefit of the UV-reflective roof is that it helps to maintain a pleasant interior temperature that is, on average, 15 degrees cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than the temperature outside. By keeping your employees comfortable throughout the workday, they will require fewer breaks and be generally more at ease, ensuring your production stays on schedule.

Any Size Warehouse

Warehouses tend to be large in scale due to all the materials and equipment that is stored within. At Big Top, we can design your portable warehouse to be nearly any size to accommodate storage racks and oversized materials and equipment. We can even anchor your fabric warehouse to ecology blocks or shipping containers if you need extra height.

Other Ways We Can Customize Your Warehouse

At Big Top, we have numerous accessories available to create the perfect warehouse for your business needs. For example, we can install an HVAC system and insulation for environmentally sensitive materials, bay doors for shipping and receiving, and durable roadway matting that can withstand the weight of heavy equipment.

Flexible Portability

Moreover, a Big Top fabric warehouse can adapt to your changing needs. If you need to move the building elsewhere on your property, it can be lifted intact with a crane. And, if your operations are moving to a new location, your portable warehouse can be disassembled and shipped.

Let’s Get Started

We’re ready to design the ideal warehouse for your business. Contact Big Top today and we’ll tell you more about our portable warehouses.

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