Customized Permanent Tent Structures Made by Big Top

Permanent Tent StructuresFor permanent tent structures, companies of all sizes turn to the experts at Big Top Fabric Structures. Our fabric buildings have frames made of industrial-grade, galvanized steel and flame-retardant, rip-resistant fabric that is made of PVC vinyl. Plus, we offer engineering services for those in areas that need to comply with building codes for wind load, snow load, and seismic activity. So, whether you need a building for storage, vehicle maintenance, or anything else, rest assured that Big Top’s permanent tent structures will do the trick. Our tent buildings are made to last, and we offer competitive warranties to support this claim.

In addition to being well made, durable, and long-lasting, our buildings offer a great many other benefits. Consider the following:

  • Our buildings are usually eligible for tax benefits – Because they can be deemed as equipment, our buildings can provide tax benefits that buildings made of traditional materials (such as metal or wood) cannot.
  • Our fabric blocks ultraviolet light – Ultraviolet light can harm people and damage equipment. Our fabric blocks out 99.95 percent of UV-A and UV-B light, so it can help to keep your employees and equipment safe.
  • Our buildings are energy efficient – At Big Top, we offer a translucent fabric that allows natural light to shine through. With plenty of natural light in your building during the day, you won’t have to rely on artificial lighting. This can help to minimize your spend on electricity.

To learn more about the permanent tent structures that we make, contact Big Top today. We have served businesses of all sizes, and in a wide range of industries.

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