Construction projects come with a set of their own unique challenges, many of which can be costly, time-consuming, and or difficult to solve. If you’re looking for simpler, more cost-effective ways to deal with the hurdles that come with construction sites, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn how temporary construction enclosures can help you overcome some of these challenges.

Protects Jobsite, Tools, and Materials From the Elements

Weather changes can feel unpredictable and can change on a dime. If your jobsite isn’t adequately protected, your project, tools, materials, and machinery are all vulnerable to weather damage. If you have to replace or repair damaged goods, that means more money spent and more money wasted.

Temporary fabric buildings can easily protect all of your materials from wind, rain, heat, snow, and more, so you never run the risk of wasting money and extending construction time. This is because galvanized steel and PVC-vinyl fabric make up temporary enclosures, and you can install them with HVAC systems and insulation for temperature control.

Provides Shelter for Workers

Employees are the lynchpin of any construction site—without them, work doesn’t get done! That’s why keeping them safe and comfortable should be the most important thing. Temporary enclosures can act as break rooms, lunchrooms, or as a shelter for inclement weather. This is especially important when your project isn’t near any other buildings and is essentially in the middle of nowhere. The last thing you and your crew needs is to be stuck hours away from the city during a storm or have to take their lunch break in the middle of a blistering high noon.

Construction Is Quick and Efficient

You can construct temporary fabric buildings, large or small, relatively quickly when compared to traditional buildings. This means that when you and your crew are in a pinch, you can assemble a temporary enclosure whenever you need it. Smaller structures require only a crew of about four people, and some can go up in a matter of hours! While larger structures may need some machinery and a few days, it won’t be nearly as long as the weeks or months it takes to construct a brick-and-mortar building. It’s a quick, clean, and quality solution for jobsites in need of shelter.

Is More Cost-Effective Than Traditional Buildings

Homes, shelters, and other buildings take a lot of materials to build up to code. With the high prices of materials, builders have to make sacrifices in material quality to make up for the high cost. Luckily, you can build temporary construction enclosures at a fraction of the cost it takes to assemble a brick-and-mortar building, meaning you don’t have to worry about making that sacrifice. This is because these structures contain lower-priced materials, take less time to install, and won’t need a large crew to assemble, cutting down on labor and material costs.

Designed To Be Energy Efficient

Temporary enclosures allow you to use the natural light of the day, so you only need to use electricity at night. Additionally, these structures can have insulation that shields jobsites from cold or heat. The natural ventilation of the structure can cool workers down on hot days without having stuffy, stagnant air. When you don’t have to worry about keeping the lights on 24 hours a day and don’t need to turn HVAC systems on and off, you reduce your overall operating costs.

Has a Low Environmental Impact

Because temporary fabric structures need fewer materials, fewer people, and fewer resources in general to assemble and run, they have a lower overall environmental impact. In addition, you can reuse and recycle the materials used to build these structures and the structure itself. When you own a temporary enclosure, you can resell it to other sites that need it.

Plus, due to the way you build these structures and the lack of machinery required, they are far less likely to contaminate groundwater. Green building codes are strict and important, and adhering to them is no small task, but temporary enclosures can rise to the challenge.

Can Suit a Variety of Needs

If you’ve read this far into the article, you already know that temporary structures are highly customizable, but there’s more to it than lights and HVAC systems. You can install these enclosures with crane rail systems, hydraulic-powered doors, freezer vinyl flaps, high-load capacity flooring, and even solar panels. With temporary enclosures, you can combine all the benefits of a quality building that meets your jobsite’s needs without putting a dent in your wallet and extending construction time.

Requires Little Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining your fabric structure is easy, and you can leave most of the work up to the original installers. To clean any stains, all you need is an adjustable pressure hose, gentle soap, and a soft-bristled brush. Generally, if you’re not too concerned about the aesthetics of your structure, you can leave it as is and just clean up harsh chemical spills that can degrade the vinyl.

You’ll also need to conduct the occasional inspection, especially after a major weather event. This is as easy as inspecting the exterior and structural support beams for tears or damage and keeping tabs on how customizations are functioning. If you notice any issues, you can contact the original installer and have them repair them for you. However, repairs are usually unnecessary, as the materials used are durable and rip-resistant.

Can Be Transported to Other Sites

As previously mentioned, you can sell or recycle your temporary enclosure to have a lower environmental impact, but you can also reuse them yourself. These structures are easy to transport from jobsite to jobsite, meaning you don’t have to buy and rebuild one wherever you go. With how portable, customizable, and cost-effective these structures are, it’s no wonder that construction site managers and other industry professionals prefer them.

Now that you know a little bit more about how temporary construction enclosures can help you overcome jobsite challenges, it’s our turn to help you with the next step. Here at Big Top Manufacturing, we specialize in constructing temporary enclosures to meet a variety of applications and jobsite needs. From marine, military, construction applications, and more, Big Top Manufacturing has your jobsite covered.

Overcoming Challenges With Temporary Construction Enclosures

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