Affordable Military Hangars Made by Big Top

Military HangarsWhen you need military hangars to shelter aircraft of any kind, choose Big Top for a custom yet economical solution. Our fabric buildings can anchor to nearly any type of foundation, saving money by eliminating the need for a permanent concrete footer. Additionally, our structures are easy to build. In fact, our military hangars can be constructed by a team of untrained laborers with the help of our installation guide and phone support, if needed.

At Big Top, we’re committed to our customers’ satisfaction. That’s why our fabric structures aren’t just affordable and easily constructed, but also customizable and exceptionally durable. Specifically, our hangars:

  • Have a modular design, so they can be built to nearly any size
  • Are supported by galvanized steel frames and covered with flame-retardant PVC vinyl fabric
  • Can be specially engineered to withstand excess wind loads, snow loads, and seismic activity
  • Are available in different colors and weight options
  • Can be manufactured to include HVAC systems, hangar doors, insulation, and much more

In addition to military hangars, Big Top also offers our Flightline Sunshade. This is an open-ended fabric structure that’s designed to provide shade for aircraft on the tarmac. Like our hangars, this sunshade is easily constructed and disassembled, perfect for temporary and permanent applications alike.

By providing shade for an aircraft, you can protect its paint job, heat sensitive avionics equipment, reduce its interior temperature, and extend the plane’s life cycle as a whole. For more information about military hangars, contact us today. Big Top is approved by USACE as being compliant with the US Air Force Sunshade Management (AFSM), Air Force Instruction (AFI), and International Building Code (IBC).

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