Manufacturing FacilityCospolich is a commercial and industrial equipment supplier that specializes in designing, modifying, and fabricating shipboard refrigeration units and other galley fixtures that improve the lives of onboard crews. The company has been serving the marine industry for over 80 years and, because their products are built with the utmost quality, demand is high. With business booming, Cospolich was quickly running out of space to complete large projects and meet lead times for customers. The company needed an expanded manufacturing space and wisely reached out to Big Top for a solution.

Designing a Building to Meet Manufacturing Needs

During the consultation, we met with representatives from Cospolich to discuss their fabrication needs and the size of the footprint where the new building would be installed. From there, we determined a 90-foot-wide-by-115-foot-long building that was 34 feet tall would be the perfect size to house production.

How We Stand Apart: Size

At Big Top, we do a number of things differently from our competitors. For instance, we don’t provide one-size-fits-all models. Rather, we design each building we sell to the exact dimensions required by the customer, and there is virtually no limit to how big our structures can be.

Equipping the Building with the Perfect Accessories

In addition to size, there were other specific features the building needed in order to meet manufacturing requirements. These included doors — we installed a 14-by-14-foot metal rollup door and a personnel door at both ends — and ventilation, which we provided by installing exhaust fans and air vents.

How We Stand Apart: Custom Designs

To provide our customers with custom-built structures, we offer a range of accessories that can be included in the design, not just doors and ventilation, but also durable flooring, HVAC systems, insulation, lightning protection, and more.

Providing a Timely Turnaround

With leads accumulating, Cospolich needed a solution fast. Thankfully, our fabric structures take far less time (and cost far less money) to construct than traditional buildings. We were able to install the new fabrication structure for this company in just nine days! With that speedy turnaround, Cospolich was able to expand its production line and keep up with demand.

How We Stand Apart: Fast Assemblies

Because our structures require far fewer materials, they take much less time to build than permanent buildings. In fact, they can be assembled at a rate of 2,500 square feet per day. Not only that, our buildings can be disassembled and moved to another location to keep pace with changing business needs.

Handling the Installation

Manufacturing FacilityCospolich was pleased that Big Top’s crew was able to handle the entire installation. This saved on costs and time, and eliminated the potential frustration of having to hire multiple contractors.

How We Stand Apart: Turnkey Installation Services

Not all Big Top’s fabric structures require specialized contractors to build. Some buildings only take a day to install and if you already have a team of laborers, then we can provide a detailed set of installation instructions along with 24/7 phone support to assist you along the way. But if you are not set up for this, then Big top can provide the entire installation, taking this burden off your team. We can anchor one of our buildings to nearly any kind of foundation — including asphalt, shipping containers, and ecology blocks — not just concrete, as with permanent buildings.

Benefits Cospolich Will Enjoy with Its New Building

Cospolich’s new fabrication structure is topped with our famous fabric roof. This roof is translucent and will allow natural sunlight to illuminate the interior, saving the company energy costs associated with an artificial lighting system. Additionally, the roof is designed to repel up to 99.95 percent of harmful UV-A and UV-B radiation, which will keep Cospolich’s staff, materials, and equipment protected from sun exposure. This has the added benefit of helping to maintain a pleasant interior temperature that is on average 15 degrees cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than the outside temperature, thus keeping employees comfortable throughout the workday.

To learn how Big Top can design a building to meet your company’s specific needs, contact us today.

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