Fabric shelters can be anything from tents to the types of big tents that are rented at weddings or other types of parties, so the longevity of the shelter depends, really, on the materials used to construct it. Yurts, for example, can last for decades, without any real exterior damage due to winds or rains or other types of conflict or sources of degradation. But if a type of material is used that is waterproof treated, a fabric shelter can last for many years without any decay, degradation, or source of mold, etc. Kept clean and dry, when not in use, a fabric shelter can be a great use of resources, an investment that truly pays off.

One source of fabric shelter that produces commercial buildings made of fabric comes from BigTopShelters.com. These have an excellent track record, around the globe, for being weather-proofed. Used to store military equipment or for maintenance, these are excellent for a variety of purposes. The heavy-duty weather-proof fabric spells structures, that barring a major hurricane or tornado, are built to last decades. The quality of our custom fabric shelters is unparalleled. Expertly engineered fabrics and superiorly designed structures are created in-house by our close-knit, experienced and technology-backed team. Using precise CNC and robotic fabrication, our portable structure construction is highly detailed and dependable.

The problem with fabric shelters can be in the construction not being sound enough, the frame being flimsy or the shelter being open to weathering because of lack of weather or waterproof materials. A good fabric shelter holds up over time and is warm because of proper material being used. A tarp can be used as a shelter; anything really can, so if a person wishes to be invested in a fabric shelter, the person needs to research the type of material and also the type of weather-proofing that has been applied to the fabric.

Other things to think about in the case of a shelter like those at Big Top Shelters is ventilation, especially. It’s good to be sure that the material also is not flammable and that the ventilation allows for the escape of gases. A window or door, naturally, has cracks where you open them; this allows for carbon monoxide to escape. However, fabric does not, so one must consider ventilation in a fabric shelter and how to ensure that there is enough.

Fabric shelters are versatile, interesting, and very affordable. They make great solutions for temporary housing or for sheds and outbuildings as well as garages for storing items or cars, as long as attention is paid to ventilation particularly in the case of the garage.

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